Friday, October 4, 2013

Ina Mae Favorites: 10 Months

Good morning and Happy Friday.

I thought I would mix things up a little bit and instead of listing my 10 favorite things about Ina being 10 months, I thought I would list Ina's 10 favorite things while she is 10 months. 

Yes, those are two different things.  

Here is what makes Ina's world go round right now:

1. Tomatoes.   

IMG 2073

She prefers cherry, but she can suck the guts out of a normal sized one also.  Ina has never said no to a tomato and we always have to stop giving them to her for fear they will upset her stomach.  

2. Songs.  She loves dancing to all songs, but particularly those that have her name in them.  Her favorites are, There was an Ina who had a dog and Lilly was her name-O... and, the itsy bitsy Ina went up the water spout...or, there were 10 in the bed and the Ina Mae said roll over, roll over.  

Singing a song with her name in it is a sure-fire way to get her to stop crying.  However, as soon as one song ends you better have another one up your sleeve or else the crying immediately returns.

3. Magazines.

IMG 2130

We have a pile of magazines on a school desk in our living room and one of her favorite things to do is pull every. single. one. down.  Then she tries to eat them.  

4. Bath time.  

IMG 2034

Bath time is Ina's favorite part of her day.  As soon as I turn the water on she is squirming to get out of my arms and when I put her down she literally tries to climb into the tub.  


IMG 2109

Ina loves drinking water, but even more she likes when we bite off a piece of Ice for her to eat.  Every time I put the piece of ice in her mouth she gets the worst look on her face, like it is hurting her, but once it melts she is immediately grunting for another.  

6. Cars.  

IMG 1823

Ever since the day Ina discovered her dad's Hot Wheels collection in our living room cabinets, getting into them is a daily occurrence.  Her absolute favorite car is the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile.  I keep hoping she will lose it, but so far no dice.  

7.Dogs. IMG 1912

Ina loves our dogs and is constantly trying to catch them. I feel very bad for them when she does.  She gets the most excited when they are play fighting.  

8. Walks / Runs.  IMG 2133

Every time I push the button to open the garage door, Ina gets the biggest grin on her face.  She LOVES being outside and she is in the zone when she gets in the BOB.  

9. Books.  

IMG 2082

Her current favorites are  Llama Llama Nighty Night and Dan's Pants.  I like Dr. Suess books the best because I consider it a personal challenge to read one without messing up.  

10.  A few things that are not Ina's favorite: taking medicine, getting her nose wiped, going to sleep, bananas (weird, I know), getting buckled in her car seat, me leaving the room.

Have a blessed weekend!

We are getting on a plane this afternoon - Ina's first plane ride!  I am a little nervous and I am hoping the congestion she has will decrease by then or else the poor girl might be in some pain.  d

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