Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dad (Not Mom)

Ina officially has her first word: Dad.

IMG 2365

(I would probably pick dad too after the fantastic chili he made us for dinner last night.)

There is no mom, momma, ma, or even mmmmm.

It is just dad and its different variations.  Dat, dadoo, da, and every once in a while dog.

I am the last one in my family to be recognized.

It is hilarious when I try to get her to say mom.

Me: Ina, can you say mom.

Ina: dad

Me: Momma

Ina: dad

Me: MMMoom: 

Ina: Dad

Me: Ina, can you sa-

Ina: DAD

Here is a video: 

Even though I joke around about it making me mad or sad that Ina doesn't say mom, I really don't care.  Believe me, I so look forward to the day when that little word comes out of her mouth, along with, "I love you," and, "Would you like some help with the dishes?"  

However, Dan and I promised each other that we wouldn't make who she likes more a competition.  Also, I don't need her to say anything to show me how she feels.  The look she gives me when she sees me, the smile that starts at her lips and spreads all the way up her face to her eyes tells me that I am important to her.  (For the record, Dan gets a very similar smile.)

That is all I need.  

I hope your day goes fantastically.  



  1. OMG, this might be the first child I've ever willingly wanted to babysit haha! She is so cute. "Da" is so much easier to say so obviously your husband is cheating haha. I say "mmmmmma" campaign officially begins today haha!

  2. Oh my gosh Rachel. You had me running to the bedroom to dig out the baby book. My daughter's first word was "hi". It was so cute reading all those memories and it brought me to tears. I do recall the da da da phrase too. I guess it's easier for them. I was "ma for a long time. You will love hearing it. My daughter used to say all the time "Are you Happy" I miss that so much and I wish I could turn back time.

  3. I thought I heard once that "da" is the most common first and easiest sound that a baby can make. That's why! ;-) Too cute, though.


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