Monday, October 28, 2013

Cuddle Day

Yesterday looked a lot like this.

IMG 2521

And this.

IMG 2526

I don't know if it was from the lack of sleep or the continued teething pain, but baby girl was so whiny, cuddly, and clingy yesterday that I was forced to stay on the couch with her.

After church, the only time my booty left the cushion was to make apple crisp for a church function we were supposed to attend, but cancelled to stay home with Ina.

After I dropped off the dessert I went into Target to grab some diapers because I accidentally cancelled my Amazon Mom order and a miracle occurred.  I left with only diapers.  Nothing else. I didn't know that was possible. 

After I put Ina to sleep for the night Dan and I were talking about how cuddling with her is the silver lining to her not feeling so well.  

Of course I would rather see her laughing, crawling, climbing, or almost walking, but I will take any chance I get for her to sit still in my lap.  

Seriously, there is nothing that has made my arms feel more powerful than comforting my daughter.  Knowing I am giving her everything she needs to feel better makes me feel pretty darn strong.  

Have a great week!

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