Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Successful Small Group

Good morning!

I slept in today (attempting the cry it out method, which right now is a lot of crying and no much out), so I will have to make this quick, but I wanted to take the time to mention that our small group (from our church) that we started a few weeks ago is going really well.  

Right now there are 5 couples, most of which have children, and we all get together at our house. 

Last night we started reading the Gospel of John.

IMG 2375

I have read the bible by myself, and sometimes out loud to Dan, but never with a group of people.  

The difference was pretty cool.

I loved getting everyone's perspective and learned so much in our short little session.

Of course, I loved the fellowship just as much as the learning.  One of the women made out-of-this-world pulled pork and I made a quinoa chocolate cake.  The boys even had a hot sauce eating contest.  

There is something pretty cool about hearing a group of people who didn't know each other a few weeks ago fill my house with laughter.

I am so looking forward to where this group takes us and our new relationships growing.  

Oh and I ran yesterday, and while trying to text and run, veered into a low hanging branch.  Ouch.  

IMG 2373

Have a good one!


  1. That's so awesome! (The part about the small group and no about you running into a tree branch lol!)

  2. how great!! our church we are going to now does small groups, we hope to get involved in one soon!

  3. Running and texting is dangerous! Quinoa chocolate cake....


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