Monday, September 23, 2013

Walk to the Park + Ina's Slide Face

Good Monday morning.  

IMG 2032

(Ugh, I fall more in love with that girl every day.)

I am determined to make this week great and yesterday was the perfect way to start it out.  

We went to church, where we heard an awesome message. 

We came home and I destroyed my kitchen baking while Dan and Ina napped.

IMG 1999

We watched a very exciting baseball game.

Then Kim, Ina, and I went on a walk to the park.  

We swang,

IMG 2010

we slid,

(the video is OK, but Ina's face in this picture is priceless - thanks Kim for your excellent photography skills and thank you Ina for giving me blackmail for years to come)

IMG 2031

and we talked.  Talked a lot.  It was amazing to catch up with Kim.  Even though we are neighbors we haven't had a conversation longer than 5 minutes in months.  We were due, and it took us the whole 3.5 miles to catch up.  We have now started a new Sunday tradition!

Even though it was just walking, we covered some ground, and added on to the 9 miles I did on Saturday, my legs are sore this morning.  I also have a splinter in my foot, which I am sure could have been prevented if I ever wore shoes.  All of that to say that I will probably deviate from my weekly plan and take today off. 

I hope you have a blessed start to your week!


  1. Ina's face is awesome! I love walk + park friend dates. I try to get at least one in per week :)


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