Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Weekly Food and Fitness Plan #5

Good morning party planning people!

How is your weekend treating you? 

Mine has been great!

We had dinner with the fam Friday night.  The only GF options were salad and french fries - guess which one I loaded up on?

Those little buggers felt like acid in my stomach for the first 4 miles of our supposed-to-be-10-mile run on Saturday morning.  About 8 miles in Danielle and I realized that the sky was going to open up on us at any second, and by 9 miles I was caught in the middle of a down pour.  An extremely sweet woman stopped and picked me up about a half a mile from my house.  I told her she saved my iPhone's life!

The rain cancelled my cider-mill plans, so the rest of Saturday was spent cleaning

IMG 2094

and playing.

IMG 2101

The kid is a genius - she can already spell her name!

Last night we met up with our friends Meg and Nigel to eat Thai while my mom watched Ina.  (Thanks Mom!)

Today's plans are completely up in the air.  Church.  Grocery shopping.  Who knows, maybe a trip to Home Depot?  

Hopefully I will have time to prep for this week's meals:

Running with Racheal


  • Monday: roasted eggplant spread baked over chicken and topped with goat cheese - served with pasta
  • Tuesday: We are hosting our first small group!  We are having build your own tacos / burritos with rice and beans.  Still trying to think of dessert ideas - any GF ideas?
  • Wednesday: almond butter crockpot chicken
  • Thursday: leftovers (aka - eat everything that could go bad in the fridge)
  • Friday - Sunday: VACATION
  • Breakfasts: apple oatmeal muffins


  • Monday: 4 mile run
  • Tuesday: spin class
  • Wednesday: off
  • Thursday: 30 minute run
  • Friday: longerish run - maybe around 8 miles?
  • Saturday: I hope to get in a 3 mile run around Nashville with my sister
  • Sunday: off

I hope you have a blessed week!  How are you going to make it awesome?


  1. I'm a teacher, and this week I want to try to start running in the mornings before school. The past couple weeks I've been waiting until who-knows-when (3:00? 5:00? 8:30?) to go to the gym, when it's the last thing I want to do before dinner-ing and going to sleep! It's so easy to choose to skip on those days, and sometimes things come up in the afternoons, so I'd like to change that. Hence the 5 AM runs! My fitness goals this week are honestly just to get at least 3 weekday morning runs in to start the habit. Any tips?!

  2. sounds like a great plan! I love all your fitness goals!

  3. Hey, what time does the link up close? I tried to post at 4:45 (pacific) on :(

    That almond butter crock pot chicken sounds yummy!

  4. I am so sorry! I opened it back up! From now on I will make it last a week! The almond butter crockpot chicken is YUMMY!


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