Thursday, September 12, 2013

My 28th Year Recap

Good morning!  

I am pretty excited today because yesterday I discovered my new favorite workout.  I biked 4 miles to the gym, swam for 15 minutes, and then biked 4 miles back.  It was so refreshing, purposeful, and cleared my head for a busy day.  

Now i just need to add 2.6 miles onto that bike and a 3 mile run and I am good to go.  

Dan also adjusted my seat yesterday, because I am pretty sure the person who owned my bike before me was half my size.  I took it for a test ride and the results were life changing.  Maybe I won't have to get off my bike and walk up the hill during the race.  Maybe.  

Guess what - tomorrow is the first day of my last year in my 20's.  Exciting, huh?  

Remember last year when I posted 28 things I wanted to do in my 28th year?  I thought it would be fun to recap what I did and didn't do (in pink).  

  1. Pay off a student loan.  Check, check, check.  I was so excited to announce this. 
  2. Start a college fund for Margaret.  No, but according to Dave Ramsey, we shouldn't do this until we are debt free, so we still have a few more years.  
  3. Go on a family vacation.  We went to Texas and to Chicago
  4. Run another half marathon. I (barely) ran Kansas City's Hospital Hill in June
  5. Pick a full marathon to train for.  Bahahaha.  I obviously was sans child when I wrote that.  I am just not willing to give up the Ina-time it would cost to train for a full.  But, I am happy to do more halfs. 
  6. Reach goal weight.  Nope, but I did reach my pre-Ina weight.  
  7. Convince Dan to shave off his sideburns. Drat.  Maybe this year?
  8. Decorate a guest bedroom We are lucky if our guest bedroom bed has sheets on it
  9. Plan a family spending budget and stick to it.  All thanks to FPU.  
  10. Add something other than running to my workouts Yes!  I tried a few new things - biking, swimming, and Jillian Michaels videos have stuck. 
  11. Become a member of a new church. Yes!  Dan was recently baptized and we are so happy to be members of how church!  
  12. Write letters to my daughter.  I wrote this letter to Ina, but I have more to go.  
  13. Read one scientific article a month.  
  14. Teach Dan how to his treasures on eBay.  Kind of.  We listed a few things on CL, but I could improve on this.
  15. Wear a bikini.  Yes!  I have worn a bikini when we have swam with family this Summer.  
  16. Build a better wardrobe  Starting slowly but surely with Stitch Fix!
  17. Improve blog dynamic, search-ability, and  readership.  I have done some, but still have a lot further to go!
  18. Help Dan pack his breakfast and lunch for work. 
  19. Start and finish a DIY home project.  This one is getting added to next year's list.  
  20. Read a non-fiction book. Dan and I are currently reading a few non-fiction books.  The bible is our favorite!
  21. Do something in Kansas City How did this not happen?  
  22. Try something new with hair My friend Kim cut my hair off!
  23. Volunteer for Girls on the Run.  Yes, this was so fun and I hope to do it again!
  24. Re-get into the habit of writing thank you cards. We were so blessed with gifts from friends and family with Ina.  I wrote so many thank you cards, but I could have written twice that.  
  25. Fix the light in the kitchen. Yes!
  26. Learn how to use Twitter.  I am not an expert, but I know what a hashtag is now.
  27. Carve a pumpkin.  We went to the pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins the next day!
  28. Soak it in.  I hope I remember this great year!
20 for 28 - I think that is pretty good.  It was so fun to review my year this way.  
Tomorrow I will bore you guys with another list.  I know you can't wait.    
Have a blessed day!


  1. Impressive! This is a good idea. Maybe I'll try it next year on my birthday. =) It will fit perfectly with my Type A personality and need for checklists. Haha

  2. I'm impressed. I've been looking over my list for this year, since that's coming up... A lot of them were running related, so I didn't quite get to those, but it's time to just revise!

    Cheers and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEAL! (Yes, I'm yelling that! ;-) ) You are still such a young pup.

  3. "I'm not an expert, but I know what a hashtag is now." #themoreyouknow

    Love this post, Rach. You had a productive year! :)

    Happy birthday for Friday! You should swing by the White House and have a drink with Big R- you know you two share a birthday. Haha. :)


  4. Damn! You did a lot, especially with a baby in the mix! Happy B-Day girl! Wishing you the best :)


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