Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ina Mae Favorites: Nine Months

Good morning!  Here are my 9 favorite things about nine months 

1. That tongue

IMG 1555

When Ina smiles, there is a 90% chance her tongue is going to stick out.  It is just a little bit, and just to one side.  She looks so mischievous and ornery I can't even take it!

2. Climbing

Within 48 hours of Ina learning to crawl, she figured out how to climb.  

IMG 0318

Now she prefers to stand when possible.

IMG 1468

Her favorite place to crawl is to my legs, which she then climbs up and holds on to my knees for dear life.  This is always great, especially when I am cooking, or doing the dishes, or going to the bathroom...

She also crawls to and climbs up the dog bowl, the wine rack, her elephant toy box, the couch, the cabinets, the beds, the walls, etc. 

IMG 1507

3. Falling

I shouldn't say that falling is something that is my favorite, but it comes with the territory of climbing and boy, is it happening.  Every time she falls she cries quite a bit, and it is so hard not to rush up to her, pick her up, and comfort her (unless she is really hurt, which of course I do right away).  I always tell her to "be tough" and then distract her with a fun song, a silly face, or a toy.  If that doesn't work, I know she means business. 

4. Dinner time

IMG 1520

Eating with Ina continues to be fun.  I have stopped pureeing foods or making her anything special for dinner.  Now we just put whatever is on our plate on her tray.  It is so easy and she loves it!  However, like I have said before, this really makes me think about what we are having for dinner and I try move than ever to include a few veggies.  

IMG 1616

I also love dinner time because it is our family time.  We sit at the kitchen table and talk and play with Ina.  Before Ina, Dan and I mostly ate while watching a TV show or a baseball game, but now we are making it a priority to eat at the table together.

Her breakfasts are usually cottage cheese and fruit (her favorite are blueberries) and her lunches are usually sweet potatoes, with some squash or broccoli thrown in every once in a while. 

5. Reading

IMG 1618

Ina has started to enjoy reading books, which I love!  Before, when I would try to read to her, she mostly just tried to put the book in her mouth.  Now she will look at the pictures in awe.  She likes when I make different noises - like animal noses, or giving the characters in the book their own voices.  Her favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, which I know by heart and have in my head most days while I am away from her.  

IMG 1487

On Labor Day I read the book I Love You Through and Through to Ina and her cousins Hallaway and Kauffman about ten times.  They all sat around me, climbing over me, wanting to be the one to turn the page, touch the picture, or hold the book.  Ina seemed like such a big girl right there in the mix!  After we were done, Kauffman looked at me and said, "Racheal, I love you," and gave me a kiss.  This was such a great memory and one I hope to never forget!

6. Singing  and dancing

After months of ridiculously singing about ducks, frogs, monkeys, and a dog named Bingo, I finally have something to show for it!  If I hold Ina and sing, she will jump up and down until my arms wear out.

If I sing while she is standing while holding on to the cabinet or the couch, her little booty moves up and down and she gets the biggest smile on her face.

Hopefully she has more rhythm than her momma, or maybe she will be able to carry a tune? One can dream..

7. Going on walks

IMG 1627

Of course I have always loved running with Ina, but lately on my days off I have been taking her on a 1-2 mile walk.  Because I am going slower and not thinking about how my lungs might explode, I have more time and energy to point out a bunny or a squirrel to her.  She also talks more, because we are going slower.  It is good momma - daughter time.

8. Bath time

Now that Ina is older, we have a pretty good night time routine developed.  After dinner, Ina gets (and desperately needs) a bath.  IMG 0291

A few weeks ago, she graduated to the big girl bath.  She loves it!  As soon as I start the water she is moving her legs and arms, trying desperately to get in that tub! Once she gets in she scoots her little booty around the whole thing, constantly changing which toy she wants to hold.  I sit on the edge of the tub (sometimes soaking my feet) and just watch her play, sometimes giving the animals their own noises.  I really have to get creative with the seashells - how many different noises can you think of for a seashell? 

IMG 0290

After her bath Dan plays with her while I work for about thirty minutes.  Then I feed her and she quickly falls asleep.  

9. Church

A few months ago, we started taking Ina to our church daycare for the first few songs and the sermon.  She didn't cry or anything, but she thought the silence during prayers meant that it was her time to talk.  Loudly.  So, we have taken her to daycare and she does a pretty good job.  We had to go get her once, but we switched services to match her nap time and now she loves the daycare.

IMG 1629

Once the sermon is over, we sing a few more songs and I always leave to go grab her.  As soon as we walk into the room with all the singing people she starts waving (which is more like flopping her arm) and kicking her legs. I am pretty sure she thinks that everyone is singing to her.  Ha!  

I have a feeling that 10 months is going to bring out a whole new baby!

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  1. That smile! She is so photogenic. I think you have a heartbreaker on your hands. ;-)


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