Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ina's First Day of Daycare

As I mentioned yesterday, my cousin Abby (who came her all the way from Texas to take care of Ina) went back home.  

Naturally, this means I had to find someone else to watch Ina.

However, I didn't even look.  It was like she found me.  

Danielle, who I have been running my long runs with, is a teacher, but is taking some time off to watch her son.  During our first run, when we were catching up on each others' lives, she mentioned to me that she watched two other children.  

In high school, I had worked with Danielle at summer camp for many years, and I saw how great she was with kids.

I casually asked if she would be willing to watch Ina when Abby left and she agreed.  

Well that was easy.  

And it just kept getting easier.  She is affordable.  Her schedule is flexible.  She has everything that Ina would need already at her house. 

Yesterday morning, as I pulled into her driveway for the first time I was kind of a mess.  Ina had a rough night teething that I just knew was going to translate into an even worse day.  I was considering telling her that we would wait until the next day to try it out.

Then, through the glass door, I could see three adorable toddler faces looking out in anticipation to see the "new baby." Who wouldn't be calmed by that?  

As we walked into the front door, Ina, who had been fussy the entire morning, was looking around in awe, and even let out a few smiles.  I was kind of looking around in awe too.  Her house was spotless and beautiful.   Shiny hardwood floors.  Organized toys (I need the secret on how to do that).  A huge bowl of fresh fruit and a container of homemade cookies on the clean counters.  

Ina immediately noticed the dog in the backyard, who was very excited to see us.  The backyard also had two swing sets and a garden.  

I could immediately tell that Ina was going to love it there.  

Handing her to Danielle wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and when I walked out the door Ina didn't even flinch. (Usually, she cries if I leave the room!)

Danielle texted me throughout the day with updates and questions.

I honestly couldn't imagine this situation being any more perfect and I am not just saying that because Danielle reads my blog. (Hi Danielle.  I hope you don't mind I wrote a whole blog post about you.  Ha!)

We are so blessed.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That is so awesome! Glad you found a place where you'll both feel comfortable. :)

  2. You are a very strong woman! I was such a basket case with both of my kids' first days of daycare. I even took pictures of them with their teachers. Lol! Glad everything worked out so well for you!

    1. Hahaha, Oh, I was a hot mess the first day I went back to work and left Ina with Abby. However, for some reason, this felt almost like the same thing. :)

  3. that is so great!!! I am happy for yall!!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful first experience with daycare. Usually there are sobs and meltdowns and lots of screaming...and the kid isn't too happy, either. Glad your day was tear-free! Sounds like you have a rare gem in Danielle.

    1. Hahahaha - yes, that is exactly what I had pictured. She is a very rare gem. I will have to do a lot of baking to say thank you!

  5. Danielle in to save the day! Awesome you found someone to watch that cute little button baby of yours. :)


  6. I'm so, so happy for you! I know that is such a precious find!

    1. No kidding. I have been bragging to everyone I know, and now they are asking if she has any extra spots. Ha!

  7. That is so great Racheal. My daughter was in in-home care for the first 3 years and I wouldn't do it any other way. She was always clean and fed well. When my sitter's husband developed cancer and we had to go into regular daycare it was quite a change. You never realize how blessed you are to have such a loving person who treats your child as if they are their own.

    1. It is a true blessing. I hope it will last until Ina goes to school. Fingers crossed!


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