Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the Past 48 Hours I Have...

- Ran three times.  (Thank you, morning rain shower)

IMG 1911

- Been puked on.  Twice.  And when I say on, I mean all over.

- Forced four doses of antibiotics down poor Ina's throat along with 4 doses of Motrin.  (Poor girl has an ear infection -so sad.)

- Lectured to a room full of fellows and PhD students about extravascular pharmacokinetics.  

- Completely re-written a (very long) report to meet client specifications.

- Sat through a stressful client meeting.

- Had cereal for dinner because I thought we had chicken in the freezer but we didn't.

- Ate chicken for dinner without Dan because he had a last minute get together with friends.

IMG 1910

- Taken one picture.  (Above)  Ina loves roasted okra, but she can't eat the skin, so she just sucks the insides out.  

- Sat staring at my laptop, working, before Ina woke up and after Ina went to bed, two nights in a row.

- Prepped dinner for tonight 

- Set a personal record for number of times hitting the snooze button

When it rains it pours.

The past few days have been a whirlwind.  I am lucky to catch a breath of air every once in a while.  I can't even explain how good it felt to crawl into bed last night and just lay still.  

I am back at it again today - sorry for no post yesterday.  I hate days that I don't write one - I miss you guys!

Have a Happy Thursday.  The weekend is soooo close. 


  1. Dang girl, you have been busy!!! I hope everything settles down and you have a relaxing weekend!!!

  2. Definitely sounds like a whirlwind. Hopefully this weekend you will get some time to just relax.

    And sad about the ear infection (and puke!). Hope Ina feels better soon!

    PS- No shame in cereal for dinner. If I could, I'd eat cereal for every meal. :)

    1. I have had cereal for dinner many nights. However, I was so frustrated because I thought I had a dinner planned out. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Ha!

  3. Egads, I'm impressed you found time to even sit down and write THAT post!!! The weekend is soooooo close. Hang on!

    1. Thanks Julie! Blogging = therapy. We have to make time for that, right? Ha!

  4. Yikes looks like had a pretty long day! :) You deserve a massage. :))

    1. Thanks Ja! I completely agree. I will pitch that to Dan tonight and see what he thinks. :)


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