Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday


1. Ina finding the stairs.

IMG 1917

I posted on Instagram last thing that it just got real.  Last night, as I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, Ina started to crawl towards me from the living room.  However, instead of turning the corner into the kitchen like she always does, she looked at the stairs, paused, a lightbulb went off over her head, and she made a bee-line to the staircase. 

I have heard multiple stories about me as a toddler, but some of my favorites are the "stair-stories."  I guess I shouldn't be surprised if Ina follows suit.  

That picture just kills me.  The look on her face says so many things, "I've got this."  

"What, Mom?"

"There is nothing to see over here."

2. Iced chai tea for dessert

I found this hiding in my pantry a few days ago and having been enjoying it over ice with milk after dinner.  

IMG 1956

As the days get colder, I will start heating it up.  Mmm....

3. Grilling in the rain

IMG 1918

Last night Kansas City had a pretty big storm.  However, that didn't stop us from making our new favorite grilled chicken.  I predict that chicken will be on the menu until it is too cold to grill. Even then, I think Dan could put on a coat.  Ha!

4. The overlap of baseball and football season.  Most days, it is difficult to be a Kansas City fan.  However, today it is not, and I am soaking it all in.

As of last night, the Chiefs are 3-0.  How awesome is that?!?

IMG 1946

The Royals are still in the wild card chase.  

IMG 3474

I have been listening to sports radio on my drive to and from work.  Who am I?

5. iOS7

I have heard many complaints about the new iPhone operating system, but I love it.


IMG 1958

It took me 30 minutes to download, and I think it is so clean and bright. 


IMG 1957

Plus, anytime I get to put a new picture of Ina on something is a win for me.

I am joining a new link-up today.  Thanks to these lovely ladies for hosting.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you're on the 5 On Friday bandwagon! I skipped today for #AskAwayFriday and now I'm torn as to which I should join in the future...I'll probably go back and forth.

  2. I need to download the new version but i have to make space first apparently. LOL. Grilled chicken sounds good!


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