Friday, September 6, 2013

F is for...

F is for Friday Favorites - here are a few of them alphabet style:

F is for fashion. I got my September Stitch Fix in the mail this week.  (explanation of program and first review here)

Please excuse the self portraits and the half naked baby in the background.  A momma has to do what a momma has to do.

I am definitely keeping this black and white Colibri abstract print tab-sleeve blouse - I would wear this to work, out to dinner, or to church.  

IMG 1737

I am not sure about the Kristy Striped Fine Guage sweater or the Penrose Lace Overlay Tank.  I love them, but they seem more Spring / Summer than Fall. 

IMG 1735

I am sending back the Lyle Polka Dot Stripe MIx Sheer Tank (don't have anything to match the navy) and the Bryce Pink-Tuck Short Sleeve Blouse (not very flattering).  

IMG 1736

F is for Food and Fitness Plan.  

Picmonkey image

Thanks to those of you who linked up last week!  How is it going?  Mine is great - I am one day off in meals due to the our holiday get together on Monday and I had to switch my rest day from Thursday to Tuesday, but I am mostly rocking that plan out!

I will post the second week's plan on Sunday morning. 

F is for flowers Dan has been out of comission due to his hip, so the yard work has been left to yours truly.  The last time I was mowing the yard (which let's be honest, was a few weeks ago), I saw what I thought was a huge weed.  I thought about attempting to kill it, but went inside instead.  I am so happy I didn't because it was a sunflower plant!

IMG 1732

I have big plans to put Ina in something other than pajamas and take pictures of her with them before they die.  Who thinks I will make the cut-off?

F is for freakout, which is exactly what I did yesterday when my chain came off my bike while I was switching gears, exactly six miles away from my house in the middle of the country (seriously, the only person I saw was riding a tractor).

IMG 1720

However, once I took a few deep breaths and got my hands all greasy, I fixed it in a matter of minutes.  Other than that, my second bike ride was a success - I think I am finally figuring out how to switch gears.  

IMG 1719

F is for freezer - which I am totally loving right now.  I freeze so much stuff.  Yesterday, when I was throwing the ingredients for the sesame beef (<-- good recipe, Dan and Ina approved) in the crockpot, I realized how convienent it was.

I never use a whole can of tomato paste, so I freeze whatever I don't use to minimize waste.

IMG 1716

Also, I use ginger about once a month, and hate to always have to buy fresh, so I buy a piece, peel it, and slice it into approximately 1 tablespoon servings and stick them in the freezer.  

IMG 1717

Anything else I should be putting in the freezer I don't know about?

F is for friends' babies - I was so lucky to get to hold my good friend Liz's adorable daughter Sadie.  

IMG 1712

Isn't she beautiful?

F is for father

IMG 1660

Thanks to those of you who are asking about Dan!  He is continuing to heal.  He had a rough day over the weekend, but I think it was due to doing too much the days before.  I know he is enjoying is extra Ina time (super jealous).

F is for fantastic Friday - I hope you all have one!



  1. You're resourceful... using a breast milk storage bag for tomato paste. Hahha I'll have to remember that one for future reference. =) They really are the perfect size.

    1. Gah, I knew someone would call me out on that. We were out of regular zip-locks. Ha!

  2. Did you know you can buy tomato paste in a tube? I just keep the tube in the fridge and use what I need when I need it. Not sure how long its good for, but I think its quite a while.

    I love the lace top on you! Put it with your jeans and a brown jacket and brown boots for the Fall. I say it's a keeper!

    1. I did not know that! Thanks Julie! I know, I keep going back and forth on the lace top. :)

  3. Sweet Ina is so adorable!! Love the shirts too, espically the first one! I nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog, you make my day a little brighter! :)

    1. Thanks! The first one was my favorite too! :)

  4. I love the concept of Stitch Fix! I want to make it a WL reward. You look so good in what they send you!

    Food Plan is going well. The only time I called an audible was when I decided to make some Lasagna Soup for myself rather than a Black Bean burger to use up some sausage. The Fitness Plan is another story. I'm doing the C25k running part, but nothing extra. I really need to GET ON THAT!

    I never thought about freezing tomato paste! I would always put it in the fridge and then end up throwing it out because I wouldn't use it. That is, until I discovered tomato paste in a tube!

    So glad Dan is doing better. I definitely understand those good days and bad days. Lots of positive healing energy being sent from me to you!

    I've been freezing leftover everything lately - rice, pasta, spinach (when it starts to wilt), berries. I should be nice and stocked up come winter. ;-) Lots of single serve bags there!

  5. I do like the "maybe" tops but they are more spring/summer colors.


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