Monday, September 30, 2013

Bakin' Friends

Some highlights from my Sunday:

- Church - always great.  We had a small group host meeting after the service, so Ina rocked out two hours in the nursery.  

- My aunt visiting

- A 4.5 mile walk (or therapy session) with Kim

- Ina using a big girl cup.

IMG 2110

I thought this was a great idea until about 30 seconds later when she saw the dogs playing and threw the cup down to crawl towards them.  

IMG 2112

- Watching football while peeling apples

IMG 2103

- Making crockpot applesauce. This was so delicious, it was hard not to eat the entire thing warm!

IMG 2105

- Receiving baked goods in the mail

IMG 2106

This month I signed up for Bakin Friends hosted by Steph.  


You can read more about it here, but the basic concept is that every month you are matched with someone to send you a baked good and someone else to send a baked good.  Additionally, every month there is a special ingredient that needs to be used.  This month the ingredient was zucchini and Deb sent me some delicious (gluten free) zucchini bread.  

IMG 2107

I have never tried buckwheat flour, but the bread was absolutely delicious, but I need to buy some now!  Thanks Deb!  

I sent some zucchini cookies to Alex over at Yums and Loves.  

I really enjoyed the concept of baking for a stranger, and I also loved waiting for my baked gift to arrive!

Also - just to make your Monday extra special - here is a picture of Ina and her cousin giving each other some love.  

IMG 3515

I can't get enough of these babies!  Have a wonderful week!




  1. Oooh gluten free goodness! I want a BIG slice!

  2. what a cool idea!! oh and tell us how you made the applesauce!!

    1. I will share tomorrow, but all you do is peel and slice a bag of apples (I used Gala), put them in the crock pot with a cup of water and a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon on high for 4 hours, then pulse a few times in the food processor. Soooo good!

  3. So cute! Speaking of baby kisses, this weekend I had a baby shower for a friend and one of the little ones kept french kissing the dog. She would hold her mouth open, stick her tongue out, and the dog would lick her mouth. If I was her mother I would have cringed to my grave haha!

    1. Dog + baby kisses >>> baby + baby kisses.


  4. Bakin' Friends would be dangerous for me. I have portion control issues with baked goods!

    1. I hear ya there. Maybe put some in the freezer? I tried that with some cookies I made the other day, but as it turned out, they also tasted great frozen. Drat.

  5. Great treats you received for Bakin Friends - isn't it so much fun?!

  6. I can't believe all the chocolate zucchini treats! I love, love those slobbery baby kisses! Thanks again for the delicious cookies!

  7. I love that you joined Bakin Friends this month. The bread looks so delicious. And your baby is so the kisses.


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