Friday, September 13, 2013

29 Things in my 29th Year


Happy Friday the 13th!  

Since I was born on the 13th, Friday the 13ths are lucky for me.  I love them.  

Today is the first day of the the last year in my 20's.  I am super excited about it.

Ina wanted to spend as much of my birthday with me as possible, so we have been up all night long.  I think the girl forgot how to sleep.  

Oh well, I can sleep when I am dead, right?

Here are 29 things I want to do this year, in absolutely no particular order:

  1. Pay off half of my student loans.  I really would prefer to pay the whole thing off, but it is quite a chunk of change, and with Dan's job situation up in the air right now, I am being realistic. 
  2. Complete a triathlon and register for another one.  I really liked training for my tri tomorrow, but I cut myself short.  I would love to train next summer and (hopefully) beat this year's time!
  3. Beat my half marathon PR of 2 hours and 7 minutes.  Yikes - that is going to take some work.
  4. Start shopping at thrift stores. Ina has just about grown out of all the outfits that our generous friends and family bought her.  She is really close to being the same size as her cousin Hallaway, so no more hand-me-downs.  I know that kids barely wear their clothes before they move on to the next size, so why not advantage of that money saving opportunity?
  5. Get to my WW lifetime / goal weight. I have 10 pounds left.  It might take me the whole year, but I not worried about it.  I know I will get there.  Eventually.  
  6. Become more involved at our church.  We are starting a small group in October, but I also want to be in a ministry or two.  Who wouldn't want to walk into a church with Dan greeting them opening the door for them?
  7. Grow more spiritually.  I really didn't know how to write that, but I want to be better friends with God, for lack of a better way to say it.  I want to feel comfortable talking with Him.  I don't want to stutter over prayers at dinner or before bed.  I want to think about him minute by minute instead of day by day.  
  8. Remove the dead trees in our backyard.  We have some poor little evergreens that are green no more and brown instead.  I kept on hoping they would come back to life, but it isn't looking hopeful. Dan wants to burn them, but I think we can just cut them down?  Whatever we do, I am sure will be eventful and I will keep you guys updated.
  9. Have a picnic at Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  I have wanted to do this for years, and as soon as Ina is able to walk I think it would be a perfect place for her to practice with all the soft grass.  
  10. Fly with Ina.  We have a trip planned in a couple of weeks.  It should be interesting.  
  11. Start and finish a home DIY project.  I really want to create an indoor herb garden.  That is totally do-able, right?
  12. Sell some stuff.  Dan's treasure collection is growing.  People have stopped at our house when the garage door is open because they think we are having a garage sale.  I wish I was joking.  He keeps on telling me that people would pay good money for this stuff, so now I am ready to see it. 
  13. Continue to meal plan and once every month or two create freezer meals.Meal planning has been so successful the past few weeks, I hope to continue.  Dan's parents are giving us a deep freeze.  When that happens, I really want to start batch cooking freezer meals at least once every other month for those nights when we just don't have enough time.  
  14. Hand make something for Ina.  Halloween costume?  Hair bow?  I know I can do something. 
  15. Read the bible.  I don't think I will be able to read the whole thing, but Dan and I have started a chapter or two a night together.
  16. Go on a trip without Ina. I love the girl to death, but Dan and I are in need of some quality alone time.  I don't care if all we do is spend the night at a hotel room down the street.  I think it will be beneficial.  
  17. Run a race with Ina.  I train so much with a jogging stroller, it would only make sense that I run a race with her.  I think she would have a blast and it would give her so much more to look at.  
  18. Take a picture of what I am wearing at least once a week.  I have been feeling extra mom-frumpy lately. I need to make it a priority to actually put an outfit together.
  19. Create 10 new recipes.  I typically just post a link to someone else's recipe.  I am interested in getting into recipe development.  All 10 will probably have sriracha in them.  
  20. Plan family activities.  I see some family bike rides and family bikes in our future (once Dan's hip heals.)  
  21. Put Ina in swimming lessons.  I was a fish when I was a kid and I want her to swim as much as possible.
  22. Decorate our guest room. I know this is mostly wishful thinking, but a girl can dream, right?
  23. Support Dan's career growth.  This is pretty vague, I know, but that is all I have right now.
  24. Find a way to document Ina's travels.  I was thinking of a Christmas ornament or a postcard from all the places we go?
  25. Volunteer for Girls on the Run again.  I loved it so much the first time!
  26. Create a photo book of Ina's first year.  I have a fun idea and i can't wait to put it into action.  
  27. Read a book for pleasure.  I haven't read in a while - no time.  However, I have a book I really want to read that is coming out in October, so I am going to make time!
  28. Get a massage.  So completely selfish, but I am looking forward to it.  
  29. Spend as much time with friends and family as possible.  I feel like our schedule fills up with  nonsense stuff.  I want to fill it up with good, fulfilling stuff. 

I am thinking that this list is completely feasible.  I can't wait to put it all into action!

Have a great day and a blessed weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday girl!!! My hubbys birthday is sunday and he will be the big 3-0!! Good luck with the list, sounds great!! Oh and I have a One Year Bible that I read at night. It gets you to read the entire Bible in one year and it maybe takes 15 mins a day. Its not bad expensive either, under 20 bucks I think and it goes by Dates! Each day you read a bit of the new test, old test, psalm and provb. Its really cool, mine is falling a part, the cover is off, etc LOL but I use it every year!! Im on my 5th year now!

  2. Happy birthday, Racheal! I'm loving this inspiration you give me every day, and you don't even know it! You are a reason to smile in my morning, and it's been fun watching your little family grow over the time I discovered your blog - Googling a recipe I was! Remember that although list-making and goals are essential for organization, etc., never forget to stay in TODAY and live life one very precious day at a time! Never turn around, blink, and Ina is 18...cherish every day, hour, minute, moment! And it sure sounds like you do!!!

    May 29 be fabulous, rewarding, spiritually flourishing, and productive! God bless you, my sister!

  3. HI Racheal found this wonderful recipe in Pinterest. Thought you would enjoy it.

  4. found another one

  5. I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend! I'm impressed with how much of your list you've completed!


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