Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Children

When people ask me when I am going to give Ina a sibling, I always respond with something originally witty like, "Ha!  I already have two kids!"

IMG 1438

I wish I could eat those words, because now that I am actually taking care of both Dan and Ina, I see the difference.  

So, my new answer is that Ina will get  a sibling around her 30th birthday.

IMG 1441

Dan is home from the hospital and is being a great patient. He is actually relatively independent, but always seems to need something at the same time that Ina does.  

Even though this has been a mess - me sleeping on chairs / hospital floors, Ina teething, driving back and forth to the hospital, running up and down stairs for the millionth time, etc. - challenges always bring about great memories: 

- Ina screaming with excitement as the water from Dan's sponge bath hits the drain (she really wishes she knew where that water went).

IMG 1442

- Ina using Dan's walker to stand up on and her playing with his other hospital "toys".

IMG 1448

- Dan and I getting into a fight, but since neither one of us could really leave the hospital room, we were forced to stay together and resolve it.  Full disclosure on RWR with morning.

Other weekend highlights:

- Our friends Brad and Chessa (the ones we threw the couples baby shower for) welcomed their beautiful baby boy to the world.

IMG 1432

Silo Edward - 7 pounds and 12 ounces of perfect

IMG 1434

-My friend Kim is going for neighbor of the year.  Not only does she bring over baking supplies when I need them, cut my hair, and run with me, she also cooked us dinner - chicken enchiladas with corn tortillas and a delicious Southwest chopped salad.

IMG 1474

It was amazing to not have to worry about dinner last night. Instead we sat down in the basement - halfway paying attention to HGTV and all the way playing with Ina.

IMG 1487

Another advantage of surgery - way more daddy - daughter time.

Here's to a good week.  As I am playing nurse, mommy, and pharmacokineticist, I don't know when you will hear from me again.



  1. You are a trooper! I don't how you do it! Glad you're all home!

  2. Way to go! You've captured some precious memories here.


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