Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surgery Day + Ina Loves Tomato Juice

Thank you all so much for the kind words and prayers for Dan's surgery.  You guys are the best! <3

Poor guy, I think he was a little nervous last night, as I was wiping him down with bacteria-killing pads, he asked me if the medication that he took for surgery could impact his breathing.

He also asked if I thought the doctor would let him keep his hip bone once they cut it out of him, so I really don't know what to take seriously.   

We are headed to the hospital this morning and leaving Little Miss at home with my cousin. I plan on driving home to get her once Dan is out of recovery, in his own room, and I feel comfortable leaving.  

I have the option of staying the night with Dan at the hospital, which I really want to do.  I don't want him to stay by himself. However, I don't know if they will let Ina stay there too?  I don't exactly feel comfortable leaving her for the night either, but maybe that would stop her eating-in-the-night habit?

Speaking of Ina, this blog hasn't seen a picture of her in a few days, which must be fixed now.

IMG 1421

Her new favorite thing to do is go outside and pick tomatoes with me.  To put it more accurately, she picks a Roma tomato and sucks the juice out of it while I pick the rest.  

IMG 1422

We had bruschetta chicken with brown rice pasta and mixed veggies for dinner last night.

IMG 1423

I just took a little bit of everything (except the chicken) and put it on Ina's tray.  She shoveled it in her mouth as quick as she could.  I hope her love for veggies continues as she gets older!

Ina and I also ran 3 miles together yesterday, which was pretty hard.  As my rest days > active days, my body is getting used to relaxing.  I need to fix that now, or at least after Dan is home from the hospital.  

Questions for the day

Have you ever stayed the night at a hospital by yourself?

- When I was discharged from the hospital and Ina wasn't yet, Dan had to go to work early one morning, and after 5 days of sleeping in a chair, went home to sleep and I stayed there with Ina.  It was pretty creepy to be by myself.

If you are a parent, when was the first time you left your child overnight?

- I obviously haven't done this yet. :/


  1. I've stayed overnight in the hospital. I was in ICU with a blood clot and they told Travis he could stay but not in my room. I figured he would get better sleep if he was home.

  2. At my hospital we don't allow babies or kids to stay the night, but each facility is different.

  3. I think most floors that are not icu, one person can stay the night in the room.

  4. I love that you've got her "picking" / enjoying tomatoes so young! I truly believe that my love for tomatoes goes back to picking tomatoes with my grandma in her garden. Such fond memories.

    My thoughts are with you guys today.

  5. The one and only time I stayed overnight in a hospital I was like you Racheal, I had just had my daughter. My husband stayed the first night but after that he came home. I felt really lonely. I would call my friends on the hospital phone to have some communication. But it was very creepy too.
    I do think Ina would be ok overnight with a family member. I can understand your concern. My daughter was I think two years old before she stayed with my mom.


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