Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recent Recipes + Ina's Lower Bed

Good morning!

Thank you so much for your helpful and sweet comments on my my Stitch Fix Review - I think I have decided to keep the black shirt and the flowy cardigan.  In between that and  Ina's 8 month updates  I haven't shared many recipes I have been trying lately - here are a few:

Zucchini squares (made with GF baking mix, but Bisquick would work great) for lunch

IMG 1389

Pumpkin turkey chili with GF cornbread (who knew you could make corn bread without using Jiffy?)

IMG 3504

Cookie pie (made with oatmeal and chickpeas)

IMG 1359

Roasted peppers, potatoes, and chicken sausage (add a salad and you have a seriously easy and tasty meal)

And the regulars offenders - 

My favorite "cookies"

Watermelon and cottage cheese

Hard boiled eggs

Cottage cheese, green pepper, tomato, and red onion salad

Corn  and basil salad like it is going out of style (over the weekend I added quinoa, tomatoes, and red onion and it was the perfect side dish for a grill night)

IMG 1370

I also haven't mentioned any workouts, but mostly that is because I have been a total slacker.  Ina's sleep strike has continued, so I am going on about 3 hours a night for a week straight.  

Because I am a morning exerciser, when my alarm goes off after only a few hours of sleep finding the motivation is extra hard.  I have completed a few afternoon exercises - I swam laps Friday afternoon, rode the bike at the gym on Saturday afternoon, and ran 3 miles with Ina on Tuesday afternoon.  I better get at it today so that my off days don't outnumber my exercise days.  I am pretty sure that doesn't work well with triathlon training.  

Lastly - Ina only started crawling two weeks ago and now she is already climbing.

IMG 1390

Climbing high

IMG 1391

And then getting stuck.

IMG 1393

Yesterday morning she tried to help me with the dishes 

IMG 1395

and after that I told Dan that we couldn't wait any longer - we had to lower the crib.

IMG 1405

Thank goodness we did because during one of her many night outbursts I walked in and she was standing up in her crib, screaming her poor little heart out.  

IMG 1404


Well I think that is quite enough rambling for today. I am off to my WW meeting.

Have a good one!

Question for the day

Tried any new recipes lately?

Any advice on how to get Ina to not scream bloody murder 50 times during the night?


  1. I didn't nip the whole climbing in the dishwasher bit in the bud with my pooches and now they are at the dirty ones when I am loading... Whooops. At least Ina will be able to help you when she gets older!

    1. Gah - my dogs do that too. *Hangs head in shame*

      I am teaching her to do her chores at an early age! :)

  2. Ok I have to know-what color is your kitchen painted?? The light blue is AMAZING!!!


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