Monday, August 26, 2013

Meals and Workouts for the Week

I am starting today off with a plan.  I just need to remember my plan in the morning when I wake up.  Ha!

Dinner plan:

  • Monday - Dan is making chili.  I need to put him to work somehow and don't care that it will be 95 degrees today.
  • Tuesday - Crockpot almond butter spicy chicken with brown rice and mixed veggies
  • Wednesday - stuffed pattypan squash
  • Thursday - my mom made chicken and rice casserole for us that I am going to pop out of the freezer (Thanks Mom!)
  • Friday - leftovers 


Workout Plan:

  • Monday - 3 mile run
  • Tuesday - 700 yard swim
  • Wednesday - 4 mile run
  • Thursday - off / short walk
  • Friday - 10 mile bike (pending on my bike being fixed)
  • Saturday 6 mile run
  • Sunday - off / short walk

Yesterday Ina and I went on a 2 mile walk before church.  It was awesome to walk with her and I hope to start doing it more often on my off days.  Or, when Dan can put all of his weight on his leg, we can goon family walks.  

I hope you have a good week!


  1. ~ Is Dan able to stand and cook? I was actually considering chili this week despite the heat! Hey, they eat hot stuff in Thailand and the Caribbean, right?
    ~ I need to get back to plans like this again. Sure, I'm doing the C25k, but I'm doing no other type of workout whatsoever. This is a good reminder.
    ~ I didn't know pattypan squash could get that big!
    ~Pinned the almond chix. Might make it this week, even.
    ~Have a great week, Racheal!

    1. - No, he can't stand and cook, but he can sit and cook!
      - I am thinking of starting a link up for weekly meal / fitness plans. Would you participate?
      - Oh yes, our CSA gives us HUGE pattypan squash!
      - In the crockpot now. I will let you know how it tastes. :)


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