Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ina Mae Favorites - Eight Months

1. Crawling

The video says it all.  It was time to baby proof our house, like yesterday.  I have already caught Ina sucking on the end of a phone charger that thankfully wasn't plugged into the wall.  Yikes.

2. Hair Growing

Ina's hair is getting pretty wild - as you can tell from the video - it naturally dries in a mohawk type shape.  It is long enough to get in a pony tail.

IMG 1385

She has quite the rattail in the back.  

IMG 1336

3. Ina with her cousins

Ina has been around her cousins her whole life, but I feel like she is now finally starting to realize she is around them.

IMG 1331

And she loves it.

IMG 1319

When we were in Chicago they had a great time hugging and kissing each other.

IMG 3416

This past week when Abby was gone my sister helped me out a few days and watched Ina.  

IMG 1376

Seeing Ina interact with them makes me feel bad that she doesn't have that type of childhood interaction everyday.  

IMG 1377

It almost makes me want to give her a sibling, but then I smack the crazy right out of that thought.  

4. Eating with Ina

IMG 1237

Now that Ina can eat almost anything off my plate, I feel like eating is more of an event for her.  I rarely feed her unless I am eating too, and usually I just fix a veg or fruit for both of us and give her bites from my bowl.  I make sure the bites are either extra small or really soft.  She can actually break food down pretty well by gumming it.  She still eats purees, but she prefers food that requires "chewing."

5.  Ina's giggle

When I first heard Ina laugh I fell into a new type of love with her.  Now she has all different laughs, but two are pretty new.  When she is really tired, she is trying to stay awake and wants to laugh at anything.  Anything.  The other night I said, "go to sleep" in a normal tone and she burst out with these huge belly laughs.  So, of course I kept on saying it and of course she kept on laughing.  

Her newest laugh is more of a courtesy - like if something isn't funny, but she doesn't want to make you feel bad.  It is like,  "he.  Pause.  He.  Pause. He."

6. Alone Time with Ina

By weird chance, Ina and I have had a lot of alone time this month.  Sometimes I put her on the floor of the kitchen and sing to her while she sucks on a spatula or tupperware lid while I do the dishes or cook dinner.  Other times I take her into the living room and we lay on the floor together, "wrestle" around, or Ina sucks on my nose.  Weird, I know, but she loves it.  

IMG 1367

7. Traveling with Ina

Ina is an expert traveler.  She has now been on a 15 hour road trip and a 12ish hour train ride.  

IMG 1240

She has ridden in taxi cabs.

IMG 3439

Gone to baseball games, into fancy restaurants, and slept in hotel rooms.  All while (mostly) keeping her cool.  

As traveling is very important to me, I am trying to think of a way to document all of Ina's travels in her life.  I want to start some type of collection, so I have been saving random things from her trips.  More on that to come.  

8. And a few not-so-favorites:

- Ina had her first cold this week.  She loathes getting her nose wiped or her boogers sucked out.  She acts like I am water boarding her when I use the nasal saline.  

- Ina has decided that she doesn't sleep through the night.  She thinks she is at the midnight all you can eat buffet on a cruise ship and every 3 to 4 hours insists on eating. In my tired delirium I give in and then make the habit all the more ingrained.  

- Changing real food diapers.  Dirty diapers used to be once a day.  Now we are at 3- 4 a day and maybe dirtying the tub or pool too.  

I can't wait to see what 9 months brings!

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