Friday, August 30, 2013

How I Lost My Baby Weight

Yesterday's WW meeting was a pretty big deal.  

IMG 1599

I am officially back to my pre-Ina weight!  

It took me 9 months to gain the weight, and almost 9 months to lose it, as Ina will be 9 months old on Tuesday.  

Nine months on, nine months off. Ha!

I know I don't talk about my weight that often, but I thought it would be beneficial for other moms or mom-to-bes to discuss losing baby weight.  

Because I am super cool, I made a chart showing my weight loss over time since Ina was born

Screen Shot 2013 08 30 at 5 34 52 AM

I gained 43 pounds during my pregnancy, which is more than ideal.  At my two week post-delivery appointment I had lost 13 of them, and when I started WW on Ina's one month birthday, I had 24 more pounds to go.  

So, it took me 8 months to lose 24 pounds. 

That is a LONG time.  I will be the first to admit that weight loss has not been my top priority over the past 9 months. What I looked like has often been the last thing on my mind, topped by almost everything else on my list of things to do in a day.  

When I first started back at WW and work, I really did try to calculate all my points and watch every single thing I put in my mouth.  However, I quickly realized that something had to give.  I would be sitting there at the end of the day, trying to add up all of my points while feeding Ina and attempting to give Dan the 30 minutes a day of attention he got from me.  It was exhausting, and I couldn't stand the thought of wasting my emotional and phsical energy on something so trivial during such a valuable time in my life.  Ina was growing so fast and I didn't want to miss out on anything.

Now that I have more sleep and am a little more used to the mom routine. managing all of that has become so much easier.  

Honestly, as long as I wasn't gaining weight, I was happy to let the pounds fall off as they did.  As you can see from the graph above, there were a few bumps in the road, but nothing a few good runs couldn't fix.  

For what they are worth, here are a few things I did that I think helped prevent me from gaining weight.

  1. Nursing - It is no secret that nursing a baby helps you lose weight.  The extra calories needed are equivalent to miles of running.  However, just like with running, nursing made me ravenous.  It took months for my appetite to be under control and to not snack through the night.  I continue to eat quite a few more calories than I would if I wasn't nursing, so when that stops things will get interesting.
  2. Clean eating - although I haven't done the best of counting portions/points/calories, I have tried to watch the quality of food I eat. I would say I eat clean about 80% of the time, with the other 20% being pizza, wine and ice cream.
  3. Exercise - even though I say that losing weight hasn't been a top priority of mine, exercise has been, which I know can be a little confusing, but really they are different.  The second my mid-wife cleared me for activity I was on that treadmill walking my heart out.  Exercise gives me the mental clarity, mood stabilization, and the energy boost I need to get through the day.

I know, not rocket science, but still good things to point out.  

The last thing I want to say is this - I know some moms who went back to their pre-baby weight in a matter of weeks.  I took 9 months.  Some might take a year and nine months.  To me, it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as you are making an attempt to live a (mostly) healthy lifestyle and are headed in the right direction.  

At the end of the day, the number on the scale means so little compared to that little baby in your arms.  

This isn't the end of my weight loss.  I have 10 more pounds to go until my BMI is in a healthy range and within WW's lifetime limits.  I plan to lose those last 10 the same way I lost the baby weight - slowly.  Once I stop nursing I plan to start tracking / counting points again, but until then I will keep doing what I am doing.

Thanks to all of your for the support through this awesome, but sometimes difficult, time in our lives!  Muah!

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  1. Your priorities change once you have a little one in the picture. Everyone's journey is different but they all eventually get there if they want it badly enough. I read a blog where the new mom bragged that she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight in 6 weeks, but she also only gained 15 pounds. It's not a competition, so I'm glad you did what works for you! I plan on taking it slow too. =)


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