Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

Let's all get on our tippy-toes.  

IMG 1559

Any big  plans today?  We are going to church, and then to a family reunion, and then possibly back to church.  

Big day, I don't know how much time we will have. 

Yesterday started off with a 5.25 mile run with Danielle.  

IMG 1572

Whew, that run was hilly and just about did me in.  My decrease in activity due to Ina not sleeping and Dan's surgery is really starting to show.  I have two races coming up that I need to be in much better shape for, so my goal for the week is to be active 5 out of the next  7 days.  Hopefully I will get one bike and one swim in too.  

After the run I worked a little, laid around the house, 

IMG 1566

(yes, she jumped herself to sleep)

and then push mowed our yard.  (I figured out how to start the mower, thankyouverymuch.)

After running and mowing, I earned myself a long shower and then we got ready to go celebrate my brother and nephew's birthdays at Zio's, an Italian restaurant.

IMG 1569

Happy Birthday Matt and Alex!

I thought ordering something gluten free from an Italian menu would be very challenging, but when I asked the waitress if they had an GF optoins, she brought  me out an entire menu!  I chose the GF veggie pizza.  

IMG 1571


Have a blessed day! <3

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