Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday

1. Surprise family vists

Dan's grandma and cousin suprised us yesterday with a visit.  His cousin Marissa hadn't met Ina yet, so of course Ina was showing off - crawling, climbing, crying, etc. 

Marissa is quite the photographer and captured this little gem of our family: 

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Dan thought it summed us up nicely.

It was so nice to catch up with them!

2. Peanut butter cookies

My lovely neighbor / friend / running buddy Kim brought me over some GF peanut butter cookies fresh from the oven because she is the most amazing person ever.  

IMG 1406

How did I get so lucky to buy a house next to her?

3. High school reunion photos

One of the girls in our class was so nice and took a few professional pictures of the reunion.

Screen Shot 2013 08 09 at 5 50 54 AM

You can find them at Heidi Peoples Photography

Screen Shot 2013 08 09 at 5 49 35 AM

I have spent my morning drinking coffee and laughing at them.

4. This bible verse:


My anxiety level has shot up through the roof over the past week, and three different people have quoted this verse when talking to me.  I plan to either get it tatooed to my forehead or memorize it, whichever is easier.  

5. Running with Courtney

We have missed each other quite a few times lately, so as soon as I hit publish on this post I am headed out to meet her for a nice morning run!

I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Questions for the day:

What are your go-to bible verses when you need to calm yourself now?

Which would you rather buy: a race photo or a class reunion photo?


  1. Ina is incredibly precious! What a beautiful little girl! :)

    ...And now I'm craving PB cookies at 5:30 AM. :)

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you so much! I tell her she is beautiful about 105 times per day. :) You should try that recipe - it looks pretty easy and I keep all the ingredients in my pantry.

  2. Philippians 4, the whole chapter, is very calming for me. And I'd buy a race photo over a reunion photo every time. It shows accomplishment and to me, that's more important than old friends I don't talk to much anymore. And if I did talk to them still, there should be opportunities to get photos I don't have to pay for.

    1. Thank you Heather. I will have to read that chapter when I wake up tomorrow morning. <3

      I have never purchased a race photo, but I am super cheap. ha!

  3. So jealous that you get cookies from your neighbor!

    1. I am a pretty lucky lady. :) She is such a help!

  4. Those cookies look amazing. I'd probably buy a race photo!

  5. yummmm! Please check out my newest post & giveaway at!


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