Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fast Buggy Runner

Yesterday morning I really didn't have time for a run. 

I slept in.  Dan needed his medications.  The laundry and dishes were piling up.  It was hot out.

However, I knew I needed it, so I strapped Ina in the running stroller and away we went.

As we were running by an elderly neighbor working in her garden, who we often wave to in the morning,  she yelled at me, "You run faster with the buggy than anyone I ever saw!"

I resisted the urge to run up her driveway and give her a sweaty hug / kiss and instead just yelled back, "Thanks!"

IMG 1531

Now, I assume that I may be one of the only people she has seen running with a jogging stroller, and given the limited sample size, I would be the fasted by default, but a compliment is a compliment.  You couldn't smack the smile off my face the rest of the day.

Reasons why a smile stayed on my face: 

- Ina playing with a watermelon (used as a distraction to stop her from playing with the wine rack)

IMG 1533

- Picking veggies in the garden while Dan and Ina played in the pool

IMG 1546

- Ina bobbing for cherry tomatoes in the pool

IMG 1541

- Grilling jalapeƱos for these spice-a-ritas (those are a must try, they burn soooo good)

IMG 1547

- Dan's turkey burgers (no picture - needed to eat it as soon as it was ready)

- Our friends Chessa and Brad brought over their new 1 week old baby Silo.

IMG 1550

He loves me so much he was giving me a kiss.

- Ina playing with Dan's crutches

IMG 1555

She stuck her tounge out as soon as she saw I was taking a picture.  What a stinker!

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

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