Thursday, August 22, 2013

Amazon Mom Review

Many things are scary about having a baby, but one of the scariest is the financial strain an extra little one adds.  

My entire life I have heard the expression, "diapers aren't cheap."

Then, I discovered Amazon Mom (<-- affiliate link)

Screen Shot 2013 08 22 at 4 51 11 AM

As it turns out, diapers ARE cheap.  And delivered to your doorstep.  

IMG 1515

If you use Amazon Mom.  

Right now, we pay $26.39 per month for diapers.  Another $20 every two months for wipes and let me tell you, Ina goes through some diapers and wipes. 

What exactly is Amazon Mom?  You can read much more information about it here, but it is an Amazon Prime membership (benefits of 2 day free shipping, unlimited free streaming of many videos, and free rental of many ebooks), with an added bonus of 20% off diapers and wipes and 5% to 20% off anything else you might use around the house.

I get so many things through my Amazon Mom membership, all at 20% off: 

  • Baby Tylenol, Gripe Water, and diaper cream
  • Dishwasher and laundry detergent
  • Toliet paper
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo / conditioner / soap
  • Coffee
  • Brown rice and quinoa
  • Feminine hygiene products

I have all of these items on what they call "Subscribe and Save."  I subscribe to them and select my shipping schedule - eg, we get toliet paper every 2 months and quinoa every 6 months.  The subscribe and save is what allows the 20% discount.  However, just because I subscribed to soemthing, doesn't mean that I have to purchase it.  Amazon will send me an email a few days before my order goes out and I can cancel any or all of it without any consequences.

My favorite perk is hands down the 2 day free shipping.  I will think of something I need at the store, like batteries, put in an order, and they are at my front door, sometimes even the next day!  It would take me 3 or 4 days to get to the store otherwise, and I would most likely forget to buy batteries.

I also like the reminder the subscribe and save provides.  For some reason, I always forget to buy deodorant, mostly because Dan has armpits the size of dinner plates and uses a stick in a week.  The next week he uses mine, and I will go from having a full stick to nothing in a matter of days.  The people around me and Dan should be thankful for Amazon Mom. Ha!

To try Amazon Mom, you can sign up for a 3 month free trial, and then it is $79 per year.  The $79 a year quickly pays for itself in shipping if you use it often.  

I hope I did a good job of explaining this - if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


In other news, our friends Ashley and Brady brought over Indian food for dinner last night. 

IMG 1513

Lamb Korma, shrimp saag, butter chicken, and more.  I am pretty sure that is what Heaven looks like.

Dan dipped a stem of Ina's broccoli into the saag and it was love at first taste.  Her eyes got really big and she started sucking and licking her lips and grunting for more.  We also gave her little bites of the chicken and lamb and she gobbled them right up.  I see many trips to Indian restaurants in our future!

Dan's parents, grandma, and aunt also stopped by yesterday afternoon to visit him.

IMG 1509

Poor Ina, she rarely gets any attention.

IMG 1510

It is sad really.  

IMG 1512

I am off to my WW meeting.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. LOVE Amazon Prime and subscribe and save!! Also a sales tax (at least not yet)!

  2. I love amazon prime, so handy!!


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