Saturday, July 20, 2013

What I have Complained About So Far...

Good morning, 

I am writing this on a Saturday in the hopes that most people won't read it.  


Even though on Thursday I said I was going to try to complain less, I still caught myself complaining within an hour of writing that darn post...

I was talking to my mom about meeting her at the gym after work, and Ina was with us, and in my "baby-voice" I said, "We can meet G at the gym on the nights that stinky daddy gets home from work late."

I immediately wanted to pull those words back into my mouth and gobble them up.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

I have been trying, really, I have, but here is a summary of the complaints that have slipped through my no-complaint filter: 


I am so tired.

I am so sore.

I am so tired.

Thursday was a pretty good day, but Friday was a little worse:

How do I not have time to run today?

I am so tired.

I am so sick of this client at work that makes all these ridiculous demands.

Ugh!  Where is my phone?  Why can I never find my phone?  Where is my camera? Why is it that when I want to take a picture of something I can never find a picture-taking device?

Why does Dan always take Ina from me when I don't need his help?  All day long I need his help and he is doing something else, and then when I actually want to rock her to sleep and hold her he swoops in a takes her away.  I wish I could do that.  It seems so easy.

OK, I got a little excessive with that last one, and was exaggerating a bit because Dan does help with plenty of other things other than just putting Ina to sleep, but I wanted to include it as an example that complaining is not only useless, but sometimes inaccurate. 

Things that I have been positive about:

- My mom is coming over this morning to help with Ina while I get our house ready for a baby shower tomorrow

- My family from Texas is coming into town this week and this weekend my ENTIRE family is going to Chicago on the train

- My CSA box is completely awesome

IMG 1206

- Ina is so close to crawling.  So close.  

- We had a wonderfully grilled dinner last night that included buffalo brats from Herman, MO that were AMAZING.

IMG 3382

(Ina ate that entire sweet potato in between sucking on ears of corn.  The entire thing. That girl is a beast.)

- We busted out one of our last bottles on wine from our trip to Napa Valley last night. It was delicious.  

- My friend Ashley made a surprise visit last night and was able to stay for dinner, Ina's bath time, and to watch the Royals game (who won!).  

- I will get to see some ladies I miss and I haven't seen in a while at the baby shower on Sunday (so exciting!)

With that I wish you a wonderfully positive weekend! <3

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  1. Sorry, but I read it. I think just the fact that you're recognizing your complaints is awesome and you've inspired me to do the same! But it looks like you're positive list is way longer than your complaint list. And your CSA box looks scrumptious! I have been trying to convince my veggie-loathing hubby that a CSA would be less expensive than my weekly trips to the local farmer's market.

    Btw, found you on and I am loving your blog!


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