Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stop Your Whining

Good morning!  

I only have a few minutes before I leave for my WW meeting and honestly I had no idea what I was going to write this morning.

Then I saw this picture my friend Kim posted on FB: 

Whew - pretty much exactly what I needed to read.

I try not to be a complainer, but lately I feel like I am beat down to the ground and constantly burning the candle at both ends.  Most of that feeling is self-inflicted.  I insist on having two jobs, a blog, running (almost) every day, a home cooked meal (almost) every night, and getting in as much Dan and Ina time as possible.  Those things keep me plenty busy and I love them all.  

Recently instead of enjoying my loves, I have let them lead me to complaining.  

I don't have time to cook dinner.

What am I going to write about this morning?

Maybe I will have more energy to run tonight?

Why does Ina always want to be held?

I wish someone else would clean these dishes.

What am I going to make for dinner?

Why isn't Dan home from work yet?  

Ect. Etc. Etc.  

Today, and for the next week, I am going to make a strong effort to not complain.  About anything. 

Which makes total sense when you think about it.  Why should I waste brain space on a negative thought when I could be thinking about this:

IMG 1183

or this:

IMG 1142

or this.

IMG 1108

Want to take the challenge with me?  Try not to complain and see how you do.  As always, I would love to hear about it! 

Have a happy happy happy Thursday. Only one more day until the weekend!  <3

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