Thursday, July 25, 2013

So Fresh

Can it be Summer all year long?

IMG 1229

Dan picked Ina and I a wild flower boquet yesterday.  Which Ina immediately tried to eat.  

Dan's definition of wild flower is broader than most - I have no idea what that long thing is -but still really appreciated the sentiment. 

Last Summer I was pregnant and not wanting any vegetables, so this summer I feel like I am making up for it.  

Breakfast - oatmeal with bananas, peaches, and walnuts, with some set aside for the Inster.  

IMG 1222

Lunch - my new favorite salad - corn (from our friend Brad) tomatoes, basil (both from our garden), some cheese, EVOO, and salt and peppa.

IMG 1224

With a few farm fresh hard boiled eggs.

Snack - unpictured cereal with blackberries from OUR blackberry bush

Dinner - stuffed patty pan squash with more corn and green beans

IMG 1237

Made almost entirely from our CSA box.  

Putting Ina in the middle of the tables allows us to take turns feeding her and really takes the pressure off of one person.    This girl loves her squash!

We are going out of town tomorrow morning (hello Chicago!), so I am trying to use all of our produce.  This is a tall order. 

Ina and I ran 3.5 slow, hilly, and heavy miles yesterday, but we both felt so good when we were done!

I am off to WW.  Have a lovely day! <3

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