Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There are many disadvantages to following your favorite sporting team on the road. 

IMG 3478

- You don't know the stadium or city (hello waiting 45 minutes for a single cab to drive by).  

- You are out-numbered by the opposing team's fans.

IMG 1280

- If you lose the game it is a LONG walk out of the stadium

However, there are also so many advantages: 

- Being one of the few fans allows room to get up close and personal with the players

IMG 3456

- Autographs are a lot easier to come by

IMG 1278

- The announcers see your huge groups of fan and put you on TV.  A lot.  

IMG 1309

Of course the only time I was on TV was when I was taking a drink of my uncle's beer while my daughter was sitting on my lap. 

IMG 1310

(Thanks to a friend who sent that to me!)

I'm not holding on to her or anything, because that concrete looks super soft.

Mom of the year right here.  

I recorded the games just in case we made it on TV, so last night after Ina went to sleep I got a good laugh watching my family through high definition.  

My mom dancing.

My grandma sleeping.

Someone in my family picking his / her nose (not naming any names, but I am never deleting that from my DVR!)

Other than watching the game on TV I spent my free time playing vacation relief - unpacking, laundry, sleeping, etc.  So today I am ready to get back in the normal swing of things.

Have a good one!

Question for the day: Have you ever made it on TV at a sporting event?

Unfortunately, I have made it on TV at a sporting event before.  A few years ago, I was at a college football game and the camera guy came over and told us to scream for the camera.  I was so excited that I started pointing to the Mizzou emblem on my shirt.  

When I watched the game with my family the next day it appeared I was just pointing at my chest.  Super cool, I know.  


  1. Love this post, but I've never made it on screen!

  2. FUN! As far as I know, I've never made it on screen at a sporting event. If I have and didn't know it, I'm hoping I wasn't doing anything stupid!

    1. Haha - stupid may be embarrassing, but it always makes for a good story. :)


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