Monday, July 1, 2013

Next Time

This weekend was so good I want to put it on repeat.  

Friday night David and his family brought dinner, dessert, and a one month old baby for me to kiss and hold.  

IMG 3314

(Fruit salsa - make it now.)

Next time you visit my house, I expect the same.  

Saturday morning I met up with an old classmate / co-worker (hi Danielle!) who is training for her first half marathon.  We ran 5 fffaaaasssttt miles.

IMG 1026

Next time I think I am slow I will remember those splits and know it is all mental.  

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening visiting my grandma in the hospital.  (For those who ask - she was doing well, but then developed a complicated UTI and was doing worse, but now she is on the upward swing again.)

IMG 1029

Next time I am sitting next to my grandma on her couch in her living room in her house with my entire family around I will soak in every single second.  

Sunday morning we went to church and listened to a great message about finances.

Next time we go to church we will be driving this beauty.  

IMG 3316

Want a ride?  It seats approximately 20 people.  

Dan has saved for months and months and can now call this car his.  

After church we dropped Ina off with Dan's family and hit up the town.

We drove around and looked at houses.

We went to a sports bar to watch a bit of the Royals game.

We met some friends at Amigoni Winery - a must try if you live in Kansas City.  Who knew Malbec grapes could grow in Missouri?

IMG 1033

Next time we go we are taking everyone we know.

We tried out a new restaurant called Port Fonda - amazing Mexican food.

IMG 1037

Next time I will order the same thing, if I could only remember what it was called.  Something with radishes, an egg, and pickles?

IMG 1038

We ended the night chatting with Dan's family who had nothing but good things to say about Ina.  It was so nice to enjoy an adult-only day knowing our baby was in good hands.

Like I said, can this weekend be on repeat?

IMG 1034

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