Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Seven Favorite Things About 7 Months

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you have a holiday blessed with fun and family!

In case you happen to glance at a computer or smart phone today, here are my favorite things about Ina being 7 months old.

1. Ina's a big girl

Last night I asked Ina who this big girl in front of me was, and what exactly did she do with my baby girl?!?

Wasn't it just a few moments ago that she weighed 7 pounds?


Now she is pushing 20 and my back is feeling the difference - especially when I am wearing her while trying to simultaneously push-mow my back yard.  Yee-ouch.  

2. Ina's strength

Along with her getting bigger, comes more muscle strength.  She is so close to sitting up.  She lays on the floor, gets this look of determination on her face, and grunts while her head comes up, but not quite high enough.  (I tell her I know exactly how she feels every time I do a Jillian Michaels video.)

She also occasionally gets on her hands and knees while trying to get somewhere, but will soon decide that rolling there is the better option.  For now, I think crawling is a few months away.   

Dan is constantly testing her stregnth  - holding her in weird positions, having her pull herself up, etc.  I feel like she is in training when he gets home from work.  They both love it, and I love to watch it.  

IMG 0823

Daddy Bootcamp is paying off because last night while taking a bath she grabbed the opposite end of her tub and pulled herself up to a squatting position!  Dan, Abby and I just stared in awe.  

3. Watching Ina interact with others

There was a time when Ina wanted nothing to do with anyone.  Going out to eat, to parties, etc. wasn't very fun.  Those days are long gone and now Ina loves playing with other adults.  I no longer cringe when someone asks to hold her, in anticipation of screaming. 

She loves kids even more.  When when her cousins are around she can't even keep still due to excitement.  

IMG 1029

And babies.  The thought of someone smaller than her puts her over the top.  

Yesterday I dropped Ina and Abby off at my grandma's long term care facility and they stayed there all day long.  I also took her to work with me one day and passed her around from co-worker to co-worker.  For the most part, she just coo-ed and giggled, completely showing off. 

4. Trying out new foods

This is what I have been waiting for - giving Ina food off of my plate.  It isn't much, but I have been testing a few foods with her.  A bit of egg yolk, a piece of rice, a pinch of my banana, a corn cob.  

IMG 3332

Ina usually doesn't like dinner time because that means the adult's hands are busy with something else, and she wants the food we are eating, so she fussy.  However, the other night I gave her my corn cob to suck on and instead of fussy whines all we heard the rest of the meal was "ssslllluuurrrppp!"

IMG 3337

I told Dan we are having corn for dinner every night.  

5. Playing in the water

Ina loves the water.  


Loves bathtime.

IMG 3245

Loves swimming - so much so that it puts her to sleep.

IMG 3279

Anytime water is around, she is in the zone.

IMG 3277

6. Taking Ina outside

IMG 1043

Ina loves being outside.  She loves looking at leaves.  She squeals when the wind blows her hair.  

Sometimes we take her outside just to calm her down.  It is nice to have that option.  

7. Ina's Teeth

I wish I could capture the cuteness of Ina's toothy grin in a picture, but it is so fast and then it is gone.  She has two little teeth that stick out of her bottom gums.  So of course, she is chewing on everything she can get her hands on.  

She is usually nice to me when she is nursing, but if she gets full or bored, I have to be on full alert, or else I get a quick wake up bite.  Eeek, that hurts. 

Looking forward to what 8 months brings!

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