Saturday, July 13, 2013

My CSA Dinner

Well hello.

I know, you didn't expect to hear from me on a Saturday morning, but I had to pop in and brag about my great run with my friend Danielle.  Guess which mile I ran by myself? 

IMG 1102

Five miles - check.

I also wanted to tell you about dinner last night.

We used some of the veggies from our CSA box and I could taste the freshness.

Stuffed patty-pan squash following *this recipe*:

IMG 1100

I subbed the ground beef with ground turkey and beef broth for chicken broth and it was sooo good.  You could use zucchini or yellow squash instead and I think it would be just as tasty.   

Served with green beans using *this recipe*.

IMG 1101

Now, I almostly always sub any type of fat / oil in a recipe with olive oil.  However, it was Friday night, so I decided to live a little.  

I got crazy and used bacon grease.  

Oh my.

Now I might be ruined. 

Make that recipe.  Two tablespoons of bacon grease won't kill you.  (That is my non-health care professional opinion.)

Tonight Dan and I are going on our first date since Ina was born tonight.  Whoo hoo!

Have a wonderful weekend! <3

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