Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Figured

My boyfriend has done it again - made me something oh so tasty.

IMG 1081

Have you ever tried figs?  

Before yesterday, the closest I had come to eating a fig is a fig newton cookie.  Actually that was a really good preview, because the delicious inside of a fig newton is exactly what these little gems taste like.  Thanks to my WW leader for telling me about them!

Last night, I was telling Dan about my new little loves (our pillow talk usually revolves around food), and how much I love them and he said, 

"Well, I FIGured you would like them.  Get it?"


After this I am Googling fig recipes.  Do you have any?

Other news: 

Ina is so close to crawling.  

IMG 1083

So close.  

If my crawling predictions are as good as my teething predictions, she will be mobile in about 4 months. 

IMG 1082

Other other news - we had dinner at our friends Meghan and Nigel's beautiful, amazing, and awesome new house last night.  

IMG 1086

Not only was the house amazing, but so was the dinner.  Nigel grilled some pork tenderloin and Meg made some amazing risotto and some strawberry ice cream that I ate before I could take a picture.  

IMG 1087

I am off to my WW meeting today.  Have a good one!

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