Sunday, July 14, 2013

Date Night

Yesterday was a good day.

IMG 1112

(Peach and cucumber salad with basil and mint vinaigrette following *this recipe*.  The ruffle bottom is a secret family recipe.)

The afternoon was so laid back. Ina hung out in the pool for a little while, but soon decided she had enough.

IMG 1107

We tried to get Ina to crawl,

My friend Kim came over to help give me "date hair,"

IMG 1115

then Dan and I went on our first date since having Ina. 

IMG 3380

(Anytime all three of us are not wearing PJs is a picture opportunity in this family.)

Dan and I headed to the plaza area where we had appetizers at Cooper's Hawk Winery.

I had the "Lux" wine flight 

IMG 1118

(look at those pours!)

Dan had the peach sangria

IMG 1119

We shared the amazing cheese plate and tried our hardest not to miss Ina or have a conversation that didn't surround her.

IMG 1120

We walked around the plaza a bit (it was such a nice evening!) then went to Kona Grill for some sushi and sake.  

IMG 1123

Oh sushi, wasabi, and soy sauce, I have missed you so.  We had planned on just ordering one roll there, and heading somewhere else for dinner, but the first one was so good that we ordered a few more rolls and counted those as dinner.  Although, Dan did have to stop on the way home to get a cheeseburger. 

We tried to go to a movie, but soon decided that we missed Ina too much and headed home.

She was in really good hands while we were gone, but I sure was happy to see her!

IMG 1125

Have a good Sunday!

Anyone else beyond psyched that The Newsroom starts tonight!?!  This will be the first time I have seen 10 PM on a Sunday night in quite a while.  Ha!

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