Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad Running Partner

I am a bad running partner.  

IMG 1179

Sorry Courtney!

I used to pride myself in not being a flake, but lately I feel like I am constantly changing plans.  Cancelling on Courtney.  Texting Kim, "five more minutes" three times before I actually get out the door.

It is a wonder these ladies still invite me. I am lucky they are so understanding.  

Ina and I left a little later in the morning for 3.5 miles by ourselves.

IMG 1166

Water bottles and wipes are great "toys" to bring along on a run, and useful too!

I worked from home yesterday and could hear from my office that Ina had a trying day with little naps.  So, when I started to make dinner, and she was finally asleep, I didn't want to wake her. 

Which led to me making pesto on my front porch.

IMG 1169

I actually saw one of my neighbors go outside and stare at my house like, "what is going on over there?"

The front porch pesto making was so worth it.  Ina slept for 20 more minutes and we had baked pesto chicken (following *this recipe*) with whole wheat pasta and broccoli for dinner.  

IMG 1174

Ina had some broccoli too.  

IMG 1175

Thanks to Christina for the Baby Led Weaning advice after yesterday's post! I don't know if we are fully on board (purees are more convenient for us most of the time and Dan is scared to death of Ina choking) but during dinner it will be a nice compromise and a way to introduce her to the foods we are eating.  I love it!

IMG 1178

Happy Wednesday! <3

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  1. Glad it was helpful! I plan on doing a mixture of purees and BLW style. I totally see the benefits of both (BLW is messy!)! Sean is still not quite on board either but I am going to have him watch some youtube videos and hopefully that will help convince him.

    We also took a baby safety class and although its still a scary thought I feel much better prepared if something were to happen. Even just reading a how-to on the internet helped as well. I think also trying to remember that coughing/gagging is not choking, its them learning is helpful to remember. It's so easy to say in theory but I am sure I'll be so nervous when it's actually time to practice it.


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