Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tri Something New Week 4: Water Aerobics

I have a new goal in life. 

Before yesterday I was wandering around, aimlessly.  

Now I know my true purpose. 

I saw the light.

My destiny is to become a retired woman who goes to water aerobics three times a week.  

IMG 0966

Not kidding. 

I knew yesterday would be pretty dreary (we went to Dan's family member's funeral), so I tried to start the day on a positive note.  Dan usually leaves for work at 6ish, so I never have the opportunity to go to any of the morning classes at my gym.  Because he wasn't going into work, the night before I peeked at the schedule online and saw that water aerobics was pretty much my only option.  


The second I got to the pool I was greeted by the smiling faces of about 15 women over the age of 60, with the exception of the instructor, who immediately introduced herself and helped me grab my weights, noodle, and rope.

As we started walking against the current of the lazy river, I got the feeling I was visiting some sort of club.  The women knew each other - well.  They were asking about family members, exchanging recipes from dinners made the night before, and comparing recent shopping trips. However, they weren't exclusive, and were so sweet in helping me with the next move, or giving me little pointers. 

As we were starting the workout, my friend David from my Weight Watchers meetings showed up.  Apparently this is his routine water aerobics class.  How funny!  

Even though this class was obviously fun and social, it was still a great workout.  I wouldn't say that I ever got out of breath, but maybe that was because I was talking too much!  I did have a lot of difficulty with the arms and abs portion and both muscle groups are sore today.  

By the end of the class, everyone was offering to take turns watching Ina if I brought her to the next class!

When I was leaving, many of the class participants told me, "You have to push yourself.  You can get as much or as little out of this hour as you want."  

Social hour + a good workout that will continue to challenge me = my new life goal

I am looking forward to the next time that Dan will be home until 7:45 in the morning! 

Have you tried anything new lately?  I would love to hear about it!

I know I have been seriously slacking in the food department.  Here is our dinner from last night - grilled parmesean pesto chicken (purchased on sale from our meat department), salad with homemade ranch, and corn on the cob.  

IMG 0969

A summer classic.  

Have a great day!

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