Monday, June 3, 2013

The Race that Almost Killed Me - Hospital Hill 2013

On Saturday, for the first time in my life, I was miserable when I crossed the finish line of a race.


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(Thanks to my friend Jenny for the picture!)

The race started off great, and the first eight miles went pretty smoothly.  Then I hit the I-didn't-train-enough-for-this-wall.

IMG 0801

Miles 8 to 10 were pretty sucky.

The last 3 miles were unbearable.  I honestly didn't know if I was going to finish the race running.  For a little over 35 minutes I had to convince myself to keep running every. single. second.  The last mile my calves started cramping.  

But, I finished without walking.  Looking back, that probably wasn't the smartest idea.  If I would have just taken a walking break, I might have been able to recoup, but my fear was that I wouldn't be able to start again. 

The weirdest thing is that even though I was miserable and I felt really bad about the race, when I got home and looked up my finishing time I was shocked.

Screen Shot 2013 06 03 at 5 39 00 AM

If, before the race started, you would have told me that I would finish that race in 2 hours and 15 minutes, I would have been elated.  I PR'd the course by 5 minutes (even though I was 12 weeks pregnant the first time I ran it).  I was only 7 minutes slower than my half marathon PR (and that was on a completely flat course when I was really trained).  

So why do I still not feel good about the race?  I think it is because I didn't feel good running it.  Weird, I know.  That just goes to show you that numbers don't mean everything.  

I also was pretty sick when I got home and in quite a bit of pain.  Later that day I had a date with my nephew Kauffman to go to the pet store and swimming so I had to suck it up.  

After we rested while watching Disney movies and I took some Tylenol, the pool and pet store were actually pretty fun and once all my chaffing spots were completely chlorinated, the pool was even relaxing.  

I would have taken pictures, but in true Racheal fashion, I left my phone at the pet store.  Even worse, yesterday we went to a birthday party, where I spent the whole time looking for my camera.  I really thought I had lost it.  However, when our gift was opened, there was my camera, in the gift bag.  I am a mess.  Needless to say, I didn't take many pictures this weekend.

To end on a positive note - a few things that have made me smile lately - 

Dan picked me some wild flowers.

IMG 0813

(He was particularly proud of the grass seed.)

I made Ina her first baby food last night - sweet potatoes.  She LOVED them - video to come tomorrow.

IMG 0811

 I hope you all have a blessed week and Friday gets here really fast!


  1. Ugh, I feel pain for your poor muscles :( Yay on making great time! Even though you're feeling down about how you felt afterwards, just remember you did it without a lot of training like you said, so it can only get easier :)

    1. Thanks - that is what I am hoping for! I want to maintain my endurance that I have right now for my next half - in October. It will be here before I know it! :)

  2. Sorry you felt so bad but congrats on a great time!! Huge props to you for continuing on when you wanted to quit.

    1. Thanks! I just kept on telling myself, "You can walk in a few minutes," even though at the end, I was "jogging" at a walking pace. ha! :)

  3. Sorry to hear that you didn't have a great race but congrats on your great time! I felt the same was during the Princess Half...after mile 9 I walked and thought about how I didn't train enough for the last three miles, I was miserable and cried at the end. Great job for pushing on and finishing!
    Karen @cinderella_runs


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