Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Attitude Adjustment

Good morning!

My morning started off bright and early at 5:30 am  with a short run with Courtney.  As I was sitting on my front porch, sipping my coffee and waiting for Courtney to meet me, I thought about how different my running attitude, or better yet, my exercise attitude is now than it was before I was pregnant.  

Before I was pregnant, running and I had a strong love / hate relationship.  Of course, I loved the endorphin rush after a good run - nothing beats that.  However, the moments leading up to the event were pure torture.  Most days I dreaded my run.

When I was pregnant and couldn't run, I swore I would never feel that way again.  I would stare with jealousy at the women running on the sidewalk next to me on my drive to work.  My legs felt so antsy.  

However, this attitude adjustment wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  The first few months I started running again, I thought I was going strong because it was somewhat new.  

Then a few more months went by and I was still waking up extra early, staying up late, or willing Ina to sleep an extra 20 minutes just so I could run a little more.  Not only was I not making excuses, I was making exceptions to situations where it would have been perfectly acceptable not to run.  

My love / hate relationship has transformed to purely love.  

I appreciate so much the time I get to move my legs and be selfish.  

It is my me time.

I hope that never changes. 




  1. Adore this post. It's pretty interesting the perspective we take on something when we "can't" do it for a while. We appreciate it even more when we can!

  2. That is awesome and inspiring! Every time I think I've had it with running, I think about how much you want me to love it. :)

  3. Argh. I wish I could get there. I'm currently hiding out from running. BUT, I registered for the Tink half in January, the Princess half in Feb and think I'm going to be Minnie Mouse for the Tink half! (Classic Cinderella for the Princess half.) In other words, it's time to get running back to a habit and remember that I really did like it last summer. Why do I think I didn't? Thanks for inspiring me!


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