Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Say No (to Frozen Meals)

I have been trying to hold this in.  

Trying to be polite.  

Trying to understand.

But, I can't keep quiet any longer.  

Yesterday, as I was making my afternoon coffee pick-me-up in my work break room, I watched three people use the three microwaves in the room to heat up their lunches.  

Not one, not two, but all three of them were heating up microwavable frozen meals. 


Seriously, every time someone eats a frozen meal for lunch I think a food blogger dies a little inside.

After I swallowed back the bile that I taste when I think about eating one of those things, I couldn't help but feel so much sympathy for my co-workers.

The weird "chicken", vegetables that are cooked beyond recognition, added preservatives, and fake ingredeints put frozen meals on the same level as McDonald's in my book.  

And while what is in those little cardboard boxes is sad, what is even more sad is what is not in them.  What you are sacrificing every single time you waste a meal on one:

Flavor.  Nutrition.  A filling, satisfying meal.  

I had to strongly resist the temptation to grab my co-workers by the shoulders, looks in their eyes and ask, "Do you know what you are missing out on? You could be eating a healthy, nutritious, satisfying, lunch and instead you are eating cardboard!  What are you thinking?"

But, I held back.  

This time.

It is a complicated situation for me, because I used to be a top offender. In college, before I learned how to cook, I would eat SmartOnes or Lean Cuisine for one, if not two, meals per day.  I wasn't very educated in the world of healthy eating and I thought those were as good as it got.  That, if I wanted to lose weight, I needed to eat things like frozen meals.

I even remember when I first started going to Weight Watchers, when I met my 10% goal my leader asked me what I did that was working and I confidently replied, "I love eating those frozen pre-pacakged meals."

Someone should have thrown a book at me.  

I  am here to tell you that the day I stopped eating things like frozen meals, 100 calories packs, and reduced-fat crackers and started eating REAL food  was the day that I stopped feeling like I was on a diet and started feeling like I could continue my eating habits for the rest of my life.  

I challenge you to do the same.

Am I totally out of line here?  Do you ever eat frozen meals?  


Our meals have been pretty standard lately.

IMG 0831

Still going strong on green moster smoothies and banana protein pancakes for breakfast.

Lunches have mostly been leftovers.

I cut up a huge watermelon and a cantaloupe on Monday and those are both almost gone from little snacks here and there. 

Last night Dan made turkey burgers for dinner.

IMG 0853

Is there a turkey burger contest somewhere?  If so, I am entering this man.  Seriously - I wanted to kiss him after every single bite.  

IMG 0854


On Tuesday I decided that the soreness wasn't going to leave my legs unless I ran it out of them.  So, I texted Kim and she met with Ina and I for a 3 mile run.

Yesterday was another short jogging stroller run.  Pushing that thing up a hill in the wind is a whole new kind of resistance for me!


  1. No frozen meals here and I cringe when I see people with a whole cart full of them at the grocery store!
    Turkey burgers look delicious! :)

    Karen @cinderella_runs

  2. Rachael I'm trying so hard to get away from them. I refuse to eat the Smart Ones or Lean Cusine. The Marie Calenders seem better, but I would like to get away with all of them. It seems like every meal has rice or pasta and cooked down veggies. I love your blog because I get some great idea for meals.

  3. Nope, no frozen meals for me! The sodium would probably kill me! Not about those turkey burgers....Dan should do a post/tutorial! Your veggies look yummy too!


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