Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ina's First Taste of Ice Cream

As you know from reading my blog, Dan and I are a little obsessed with Blue Bell's creations and even had a Blue Bell challenge to try every flavor while I was pregnant. 

IMG 3268

When I found out that the Blue Bell Creamery is within an hour's drive of my family's house in Houston, I knew we had to make a trip.

IMG 3261

We signed up for a tour of the creamery - which was so cool to see how the ice cream was made and packaged.  I was not surprised to learn that Blue Bell made / baked all of their ad-in ingredients and they buy all of their milk from within a  200 mile radius of the creamery. 

IMG 3269

The tour ended at the ice cream parlor, where we picked out a flavor to try.  

IMG 3263

Ina was an angel the entire tour, and watched all of us eat our ice cream with wide interested eyes.  So, at the very end, Dan and I decided that it wouldn't be right to let her go without having a taste of ice cream.

At first she was a little concerned,

IMG 3265

but then she quickly became a fan.  

IMG 3266

She gets it from her momma.

Since we have been here we have spent a lot of time playing games, enjoying time with family, and playing in the pool.

IMG 3251

I have not, however, been running.  So, I need to get with it today and maybe get a pool workout in.  Have a great day!


  1. Her first taste pic is like, "What is this sorcery?!!" So cute!

  2. You probably won't believe that I actually read your title as "Ina's First *CASE* of Ice Cream." Either 1) I read too fast 2)It was that first photo that did it or 3) I'm obsessed with ice cream. Probably all of the above. Too bad I can't get Bluebell around here.

    Of course you had to take a trip there and of course she loved it! ;-)

  3. We love to visit Blue Bell! They have a 5k and 10k run every year and you get ice cream at the end. You could always come back for a run ;)


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