Monday, June 10, 2013

Drenched 5K Giveaway

Oh hi there!  

Remember me?

I am on vacation in Houston right and trying to step away from the computer.  

However, I wanted to pop in to let you know about the 5K I am running in a few months.

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It is called Drenched 5K and the idea is positively genius.  From the organizer: 

The Drenched 5K is all about bringing back those memories of summer fun.  Participants will run or walk from dry to drenched through “hot zones” and drenched zones which may include mist tunnels, sprinkler minefields, spectator “sniper” zones, bubbles, fire hoses, and a 75 foot slip n slide (optional) through the finish line.  
Runners and walkers are encourage to form teams, don crazy costumes, and bring out their biggest water guns for a little camaraderie and competition against other teams.

For those not interested in building up a sweat but who want to get in on the fun, Drenched has a free spectator zone where they get to drench the runners any way possible! 
We are all about families getting active and so kids 5 and under run FREE and kids 12 and under receive discounted entries!
And at the finish?  We stage the best summer party in town!  The world's biggest water balloon fight, music, drinks and dancing.  Drenched will be in 9 cities in summer of 2013:  Denver, DFW, LA, DC, Jacksonville, Columbus, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Philly.
Drenched 5K benefits local Children's Hospitals in each city.

It is as if a family filled race and a water balloon fight got together and had a child.  

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I plan on bringing the whole family - this will be the first race Ina gets to enjoy with me and I think it is perfect.  

She will have a blast!  

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Would you like to join me?  I have TWO free entries to give away to any city!  To enter just comment below or on my Facebook page - whichever is easier for you - telling me which city you want to run in.  

If you don't win an entry here, you can still get $10 off registration (except in Atlanta, Philiadephia, and Jacksonville who still have the early registration prices) enter DRENCHED2013 in the discount code box.  

To register for the race, or find out more about the event click here.

I hope everyone is having a great start to your week! See you tomoorrow with a vacay recap!


  1. It's probably unfair for me to win, but I'll try for it anyway. :)

  2. Ah darn, they aren't coming to Omaha. I love these fun 5K races (Color, Mud)!!
    Have fun!!!

  3. This looks fun! Is Dan going to run it too?

  4. I totally want to do this! You inspired me to run my first 5k ever last year, and I ended up doing three! I was just talking about looking for another one. KC is just Down the road from us here in southern Iowa, so that would be my choice. I knew there was a reason I started training again yesterday!

  5. Looks so fun! I wish it was coming to Minneapolis! I'm finally doing the Color Run (well, walking it) this summer!

  6. I would love to win the Kansas City one!!!! :) :) My husband and I would have such fun! :)

    dailydealsjc1 (at) gmail (dot) com


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