Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will this Matter in 5 Years?

Lately, I have been getting very upset with myself so I am trying to practice asking the following questions:

Will this matter in 5 years?  Will this matter in one year?  Will this matter tomorrow?

The answer is always no.

Like when I misplaced Ina's Royals sweat-suit pants that match her jacket that she wore to her first game.  I tore apart the whole house looking for them. We still can't find them.  

IMG 0512

Although she did look really cute in her jeans.

Or when last night, I made stir fry for dinner.  It was ready and Dan wasn't home, so I put the pan on low with the lid on and went to read Ina some nursery rhymes.  When Dan walked through the door he asked what was burning, and sure enough, the sauce I had made was a black tar at the bottom of the pan.

In case you are wondering, it takes a lot of soy sauce and sriracha to mask the flavor of "burnt."  

Or when I hop / run down the stairs with my coffee cup in my hand and spill coffee on the stairs and myself.  Then do the same exact thing the next day.  

Grrrr!  I get more mad at myself than I do anyone else, and even though I know that all of these are very minor, at the moment I want to scream.  

Please tell me I am not alone.  What do you do to forgive yourself?  

This always makes me feel better.

IMG 0614


After I completed the Fluidity video I was still feeling antsy, because I hadn't run since Sunday.  So Ina and I went out for a slow 3 miles.  

IMG 0609

She loved it so much she fell asleep - holding her plastic keys.

Other Eats

Breakfast - overnight oats with bananas and leftover baklava filling

Lunch - greek taco filling, tzatziki, quinoa, and a cucumber.  

IMG 0612

Thought for the day



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Carrie - now if I could just practice it all the time! :) Ha!

  2. Don't worry, ma, I can get us back into the house haha. So cute!

  3. Racheal I had been that was for so long. I'm obsessive and stress over alot. If I can't find something I will look for it for days. I will stress over the littlest things that are so minor. I have to catch myself and just take a break and realize that life is so short to worry. I can't control certain things. I had such awful anxiety after I had my daughter I had to get on an anti-depressant to function everyday. I just got off of it a year ago and finally feel normal again. Just take things in stride. A meal can be remade and that what they make carpet cleaner for . LOL!


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