Friday, May 31, 2013

Tri Something New Week 3: Spin

Yesterday my world was rocked.

IMG 0749

I hate to be dramatic, but that is how I felt after I left my 30 minute spin class dripping wet and completely exhausted.  This was the closest I have come to having a "runner's high" without running.  

Have you tried a spin class?  If not, I would highly recommend it.  Here is a breakdown of my experience:

- I had to call early and reserved a spot in the class.  No problem, the class was almost empty,but apparently this isn't always the case.  So, if you are eying a time on the spin schedule at your gym make sure to call ahead.  

- I arrived a few minutes early, in order for the instructor to show me a few things about the bike. How tall to set my seat and handle bars, how to strap my feet in, etc.

IMG 0750

- There are a few terms specific to spin class that I had to learn: 

  • gear - I take this to be the same as resistance.  My baseline was around 10, but don't you worry, during the class it went up to 20 at the most. Ouch.
  • rpm - how fast you are going
  • watts - how hard you are pushing - to get this to go up you pretty much have to take your gear up
  • trip - how far you have gone

-I really liked how throughout the 30 minutes, we were constantly doing something different. We climbed hills, sprinted miles, did handle bar climbs, tried to max out our watts, and raced our classmates.  The 30 minutes flew by. 

- The music was amazing.  So upbeat, and the instructor encouraged us to sing along.  When my lungs were able, I had a blast yelling out the lyrics with the two other classmates! Ha!

- In 30 minutes I went 12 miles, which is exactly the distance of the bike portion of the sprint tri I signed up for.  I wonder how similar spin biking is to actual biking.  Do triathletes take spin classes to train for races?  I obviously have so much to learn.  

- I am weirdly not sore today.  I do have a strong case of "saddle seat" but my leg muscles feel great.  Good thing, because I am running a half tomorrow. 

Tri Something New Week 2: Swimming

Tri Something New Week 1: Barre

Have you tried any new type of fitness?  I would LOVE to hear about it.  Comment below, email me (racheal@runningwithracheal), tweet me (@runningwithrach) or tag me on Instagram (@runningwithracheal).  


Breakfast - banana bread protein pancakes (following this recipe) <---- you have got to try these.  They are my new obsession. All the ingredients are power foods.  

IMG 3234

I always make a double batch, hoping to eat the rest the next morning for breakfast, but somehow they disappear throughout the day.

Lunch - leftover chicken, quinoa, cheese, and zucchini bake (following this recipe and adding shredded zucchini and chicken breast) with roasted green beans

IMG 0751

Dinner - crock pot picadillo (following this recipe) with brown rice 

IMG 0752

Have a great weekend!  <3

I am running a half marathon tomorrow and a little (okay, a lot) under-trained, so if you are awake at 7 am CST, pray for me!

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