Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tri Something New Week 1: Barre

It has been a great morning so far.

I woke up to a Kansas City win on my phone,

IMG 0608

I actually remembered to pre-set my coffee maker last night and didn't have to blindly fumble with the darn thing to get my caffeine fix, and I have this contraption in my living room.

IMG 3164

In the spirit of trying something new each week I asked my friend / neighbor / running partner if I could borrow her fluidity bar / DVD for the day.  

I have read great things about barre-type workouts and knew this would be high on the list of new things to try.  

I popped in the DVD and because I am blindly optimistic, I channeled my inner-ballerina (she was very hard to find) and started at the intermediate level.  Twenty minutes later I was trembling.  


  • Low impact - but don't let that fool you.  Low impact does not equal low effort.  Because I run I have strong legs and they were doable, but the core / ab portion of the video had me crying.  
  • Low key - I could get used to waking up to this type of soothing working with multiple rest periods for stretching.  I was even able to do the workout in my pajamas.  Ha!IMG 3166
  • All over workout - arms, abs, core, and even my legs are tired this morning
  • This is mostly a strength workout - my heart rate stayed pretty low the entire time, which was nice in some ways, but I would always complement this with a run or some type of cardio.  (As opposed to JM videos - she has your heart pounding for 20 minutes straight.)
  • Moola - I know the fluidity system is super expensive (Thanks Kim for letting me borrow it!), and barre classes in Kansas City are $20 a pop.  

Want to try a barre workout at home for free?  The Fitnessista has a video you can try - all you need is a chair.    


Breakfast - I "repurposed" my grandma's coconut iced Devil's food cake by adding Greek yogurt, strawberries and bananas.  

IMG 0603

Lunch was leftover Greek taco filling with quinoa, a diced cucumber, and tzatziki sauce.

IMG 0604

Dan made spaghetti for dinner while I worked and we enjoyed it on the back patio. 

IMG 0605

Thought for the day



  1. I've always wondering about that system! I leave it on the Food Channel while I sleep so when I wake up they always have infomercials with that, anit-aging cream, or vacuum bag sealer lol.

    1. Hahaha, I didn't know this was sold as an infomercial! I don't watch too much TV these days. We also have vacuum sealer bags. :)

  2. Oh wow Racheal, they sell them on Home Shopping Network or QVC. And the ones they sell you can make monthly payments. I was working if the workout was really good when I saw it on TV the first time.

    1. I do think this is a good workout, but I don't think it would be good to do "just" this without anything that helped to accelerate your heart rate. However, that is my very uneducated opinion. :)

    2. I agree, it looks more along the lines of yoga and Pilates. No cardio to get that heart racing.


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