Sunday, May 5, 2013

SmarteRita Review + Birthday Weekend

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I thought we could celebrate together by enjoying a (healthier) marg.

When I was contacted to try SmarteRita I couldn't send the reply email fast enough!  

Why? I love almost any margarita, but this one is only 100 calories for 4 oz. and is made with only natural flavors and colors, including agave as a sweetener.

With one sip I knew I was a fan, it was sweet, but not too sweet (a margarita requirement for me).  Very refreshing.  It did, after all, help me to put together Ina's jumperoo.  

To top things off, I was also sent the SkinnyGirl margarita to compare.  Although I liked the SkinnyGirl too, it had more of an aftertaste and tasted "diet" while SmarteRita tasted more like a margarita I would order at a restaurant.  

IMG 3073

Dan tasted SmarteRita and said, "That actually tastes like a margarita!"  He was not a fan of SkinnyGirl.

Abby liked SkinnyGirl better, although, to be fair, she is a Bethany Frankel fan.  Ha!

I also sometimes order a "homemade" skinny margarita - tequila with a little bit of triple sec and a splash of lime juice.  If you order be careful- this drink packs a punch! 


Other news

- This has been a birthday weekend so far.  Friday night we celebrated my friend Meghan's birthday with some Indian food takeout.  

IMG 0451

Yesterday was my niece Hallaway's first birthday party.  

IMG 3104

IMG 3118

IMG 3113

She received 45 different outfits and will having a rocking summer wardrobe.  I have decided I am going to have a first birthday party.  You are all invited! 

IMG 3111

- Jillian Michaels on Friday + 9 hilly miles on Saturday = sore legs on Sunday.   My legs are so sore this morning that when I looked at the stairs, I seriously contemplated falling down them so I wouldn't have to bend my knees.  Today will be a needed and appreciated rest day!

- Obligatory Ina Mae picture (with my cousin Ashley). 

IMG 3102

I wouldn't want you guys to forget what she looks like!  

Questions of the Day

Who makes your favorite margarita?  I am a Margaritaville girl through and through - nothing beats sitting on the Vegas strip in the sun sipping on a marg with a night full of Pai Gow in my future.  

Are you doing anything to celebrate this 5th of May?  After church we headed to my grandparents' for some more family fun.  



  1. Might have to check out SmarteRita. Not much of a margarita mix fan though because I got margarita'd out while in Puerto Vallarta and haven't had one since. (That was in 2007!) I'd prefer sipping an anejo on the rocks with a splash of cointreau and lime. Like you said, though, it packs a punch!

    1. Mmmm...I will have to try that. Thanks! :)

  2. Yum Racheal, I'm going to have to try. I have become a huge margarita fun here lately. I have been buying the Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas. Not bad for coming out of a can. That's the next thing on my bucket list is to try Indian food. I just wouldn't know what to order.

    1. Well, you came to the right place. I LOVE Indian food. A good thing to try first would be the chicken tikka masala or butter chicken. Naan is an amazing bread they make - a must order. I also like their chai tea, mango lassi, and little syrup-ball things (don't know the technical name for that one.) My advice would be to go for lunch for the first time. Almost all Indian restaurants serve a buffet for lunch. That way you can try the different dishes and see which ones you like. The only problem is that the buffet is usually pretty mild and I love my Indian food spicy! Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.


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