Monday, May 6, 2013

Puppies - Want One?

I think there is an equation that shows that the cuteness of puppies increases exponentially by how many puppies there are. 

IMG 3140

One puppy is cute. 

IMG 3129

Seven puppies are mega cute (or cute^7, whichever you prefer).  

IMG 3120

A puppy and a baby?  

IMG 3134

Cute x infinity.

IMG 3138

My dad's dogs had 7 brittany spaniel puppies and yesterday the family went out to play with them.

IMG 3139

These puppies are a few months old, and up until now I have tried to keep my distance.  I already have 2 dogs and 2 kids to take care of (counting Dan). 

IMG 3136

 A puppy just wouldn't work.

But,  those puppy eyes put a spell on me.  

IMG 3131Please save me.

We have two pure bred brittany spaniel girl puppies (pictured below) that are still available - for free.  

IMG 3156

Want one?  Email me at  

Other than playing with puppies, we went through the usual grandma's house shennanigans.  

Good food for Cinco de Mayo.

IMG 0457

Playing on the horse swing.  

IMG 3151

IMG 3154

Talking with the family.

IMG 3161

(Thanks for the super-cute outfit Parsons family!)

Dan also went "shopping" at a house that is getting ready for an auction. He was there for 3 hours.

I am now the proud owner of a cabinet with a hole in it and a $20 refrigerator.  Yipee.

I hope you have a great week! 


  1. Agreed. Unfortunately, we have our hands full with 3 pooches at the moment. But I posted to all my friend that they are available! Cheers~

  2. Totally cute...but puppies are SO MUCH WORK!!!
    I can feel your pain about the hubby going shopping at an auction! I was drug to an auction this weekend also, lucky for me it was rainy and cold and he didn't feel like staying!

  3. Oh my goodness they are adorable!


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