Friday, May 17, 2013

My Weight Watchers Simply Filling Review

Good Morning!  Everyone do the Friday dance with me!

This week went by like a tortoise for me - anyone else?

Today I am posting my review of Weight Watcher's Simple Filling plan - their alternative to the calculating points plan.  Howevever, it is a bit anti-climactic because my diet didn't really change. I was already eating fruit, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains.  I used the same recipes I have always used and substituted power food options when I could.  

IMG 0477

What did change was my attitude. It was so nice to change things up and not feel the need to calculate the points of everything I was eating, and then add up what I had eaten the entire day. 

I have to be honest here and say that I completely stopped calculating points / tracking.  Although the SF plan includes doing so for non-power foods, I instead ate those in moderation and ate until I was satisfied. 

Let me say that again - I ate in moderation and until I was satisfied.  I have been trying to lose weight since I have been breathing and never, ever in my life have I been able to eat in moderation without measuring / calculating points.  

I wish I could point to what changed, and the only thing I can think of is that I am getting the nutrients that I need by eating mostly power foods, so my body doesn't feel the need to overeat or binge.   

In the six weeks I have followed SF, I have lost 6 pounds.  I know that isn't ground-breaking to most, but a pound a week is recommended when nursing.  Anything more could impact my supply and I don't know what I would do if Ina's rolls started disappearing.

Photo 4

Seriously - don't her arms look like sausage casings?!?  They are so cute I could just eat them!

Here are some other positives I found about SF:

  • Less calculating.  I do know however, as I get closer to my goal weight, I will have to be a little more strict with tracking non power foods
  • So much nutrition!  I had no problem meeting all of the good health guidelines everyday.
  • I weirdly rarely craved dessert - I cannot say the same for a glass of wine.
  • SF is truly not a "diet" but a lifestyle.  I could eat like this for the rest of my life and be a happy camper.  

A few negatives:

  • I jumped off the artificial sweetener train a long time ago - but WW hasn't yet.  Although SF allows things like diet soda or fat free yogurt flavored with artificial sweetener, I chose not to eat those and hardly consider them "power foods."
  • I love fat free milk, yogurt, and half and half.  I can tolerate fat free sour cream.  I don't do fat free cheese, so instead I had low-fat (in moderation) and it worked out just fine.
  • I also don't think the low-calorie bread options are all that great nutrition-wise. As Dan says, it is just like eating air. So, when I choose to have bread, which isn't that often, I have a "real" piece of whole wheat.  

Some SF resources:

The Weight Watchers Website

Danica's Daily - a blogger who reports everything she eats and follows SF (and lives close to Nappa Valley - so jealous!)

Carol's SF Creations - a old-school recipe blog.  I love it!

Lastly, I have a disclaimer.  Although I am currently happy with the SF plan, I am sure that I will go back to calculating points later on in life.  I think calculating points / tracking is a great option for losing weight and would recommend it to anyone.  I am going to steal Katie's term and say this is a weight-loss project, and right now SF is the tool I am using to get it done.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have the same opinion on fat free foods. When it comes to something flavorful like cheese, bread, or dessert (ice cream?), I'd rather have the real deal because I find that it takes less to satisfy me.

    1. Exactly! I seriously used to eat 4-6 pieces of that "light" bread at a time. Gross.

  2. Thank you for the review! Love it. Counting is hard.

    I do find that the less I eat sweets, the less that I crave them... so maybe that is the case with you after doing Simply Filling awhile. I do know that if I do start eating desserts, I start wanting them all the time.

    Have a great weekend, Racheal!

    1. I am the same way, although I know I don't want a dessert - free life. Who wants to live that way? :)

  3. I lost 90lbs on WW (2012)using the Points Plus. I realy changed my whole way of eating. I dont count points now (I stopped suring marathon training, it was way TOO HARD to figure out) and I eat mostly Simply Filling. I gained 10 lbs during traing so I'm back to counting points to try and get those 10 back off:( It KILLS me when someone says "Runners can eat and never gain" NOT!!!!

    1. Hahaha - I also should not do anything before coffee, but I get what you mean.

      I have heard of SO MANY people who gain weight while endurance training. I imagine some of that would be muscle. Good luck with counting points again. Let me know how it goes!

  4. I shouldnt type before coffee:(


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