Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My New Boyfriend?

Joe is getting a worried.  

I met a new guy.

IMG 0420

His name is B.O.B and I think I am in love.

Last night was our first official family walk with the B.O.B stroller and the pups.

When we put Ina in the B.O.B she was a little fussy.  Dan quickly had the idea to walk with the dogs in front of the stroller so she could watch them.  

IMG 0415

She was in a trance for the next hour.  She loved it!

IMG 0417

However, we were a little ambitious in our distance and were about a mile away from home when Ina's "I'm hungry" cry started.

I have been wanting to test out the stroller while jogging - Ina's head / neck have been strong for quite sometime.  

So, as necessity is the mother of invention, we left Dan and the dogs to get home a little faster.  Within seconds of moving at a jogging pace Ina was asleep.  

I ended up stopping and waiting for the rest of the fam to catch up, but I was so happy to know that we can now jog together!  

IMG 0416

I see many late morning or early evening runs in our future. Although, I can safely rule out the possibility of taking Ina with me on a long run, at least for now.  Mr. B.O.B is quite heavy. 

We ended up covering over 3 miles AND Dan even finished it out with a light jog.  I was one proud momma.  


Breakfast - overnight oats with frozen berries and crunchy PB

IMG 0411

Lunch - leftover turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and roasted green beans.  

IMG 0412

(With every bite of that amazing turkey burger I was more assured that I made the right choice when picking a husband. It was that good.)

Dinner - before our walk I chopped up the veggies to make this cabbage salad (but used half the called for dressing) and then invented a little Mexican pizza.

For two pre-made whole wheat pizza crusts I mixed together a can of refried beans and a can of enchilada sauce to use as the "sauce" and then added leftover crockpot salsa chicken, green chiles, jalapenos, cilantro, cheese, and black olives.

IMG 3101

'Twas amazing.  While watching my boys in blue kick some booty.  

A great night. 

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