Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day Presents

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day (one day late)! 

Here a few of the "gifts" I received.

- A 10 mile run.  Now I know that might not sound like much of a gift, but anytime I have almost 2 hours to myself that isn't for work or grocery shopping is pretty amazing these days.

IMG 0599

(This guy lives on my long country route and follows me at least 4 miles.)  Although I love the time I get to run, I miss my little family so much when I am gone!  

- After the 10 mile run I came home, pushed mowed my back yard, and deemed myself worn-out enough to drink a beer in the shower.  

IMG 0601

Who needs the spa or a massage when you can have a cold refreshing Bud Light Lime next to the dog shampoo? 

- Saturday night we went to dinner with friends at a newer restaurant in Kansas City- Louie's Wine Dive.  I am a fan.  Any place that has kegs of wine AND sriracha on the menu is great in my book.  Thanks to Dan's family for watching Ina!  

- Sunday after church I had 20 guests at my house to celebrate some of the moms in our family.  We had a Greek menu:

Greek tacos following this recipe

Panzanella following this recipe

Baklava cups following this recpe

My mom made moussaka and brought hummus and pita chips.  Many brought dessert. It was delish.

- After lunch was the best gift of all.  Sitting in the backyard with my family on a beauitful day well into the evening.  






Throwing the frisbee.


Playing washers. 


It was a great first mother's day.  



  1. We call that washers game Redneck Horseshoes :)

  2. What a wonderful first mother's day. I love that you called your 10-mile run a gift. ;-) AND I'm impressed that you mowed the lawn after your run!


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