Friday, May 3, 2013

My 5 Favorite Things about Five Months

1. Bath time

Ina thinks she is the luckiest 5 month old in the world because she gets to go to the spa every night.  

IMG 0441

Or at least every night the kitchen sink is empty enough that her pink tub can fit.  (I will be honest and say that some nights Ina takes a shower with daddy just because I can't stand the thought of unloading the dishwasher and loading it again.)

Anyways, the second Ina hears her bathwater running she gets in this relaxed zone.  We put her in the tub and she pulls the faucet closer to her so the water will pour down her belly.  She  props her legs over the side and sinks as low as she can in the water without her mouth going under.  In fact, I am constantly having to scoot her back up so she doesn't go under.

IMG 0445

I try to splash the water and get her excited, and for a few seconds she is, but then she reverts back to her relaxed zone. So, for the most part, we just let her stay there and calm down enough to go to sleep.

2. The incredible rate she is growing

One night all of her 3 month sleepers fit.  The next night none of them did.  Now Ina is rocking the off-the-shoulder look.  

IMG 0431

She has one 6 month sleeper, which she initiated with a diaper blow-out after wearing it for an hour.  Aunt Jess, if you are reading this, we are ready for the next size of Hallaway's clothes.  

3. Her attentiveness

Ina sees everything around her now.  She loves watching the dogs play.  She notices people as they walk by.  She appears to watch baseball games with us. She is most interested in anything we are putting in our mouths.  She stares at us while we eat, and every once in a while her little jaw moves up and down with mine while I am chewing.  She also loves watching us drink and has an extra fondness for my Disney princess coffee cup.  When I am feeding her, I try to sneak a drink, but every time she stops eating and follows the cup.  Eventually, I gave in.  

IMG 0239

I want to hold off on solid foods as long as possible, although I don't know how much longer we can wait.  Her doctor gave us the go-ahead a month ago, but I want to try to get as close as we can to the 6 month exclusively breast fed mark.  She is sleeping through the night for the most part, so I don't see a need to start solids right away.   

4. Her kitchen help

I am sure you have noticed from all the pictures I post that Ina loves to hang out in the kitchen with me while I cook.  I sit her in her Bumbo and then try to do most tasks close by. 

IMG 2907

 I try to tell her about everything I am doing and hand her anything she seems extra interested in (except knives). 

IMG 0151

5. Putting Ina to sleep.

I had dreams of having a baby that I could put in her crib, close the door, and she would fall asleep within a few minutes.  However, all the adult attention she gets has made her used to getting "put to sleep" on the reg.  I don't mind too much.  

IMG 0090

Once I find the magical combination of bouncing, humming, patting, and rocking, Ina starts making this sucking / smacking sound that she uses to self-soothe.  Dan and I love that sound and have tried to recreate it without success (probably because we have teeth).  Then, a few moments later, her rigid body gives in.  She completely conforms to my chest and her breathing gets heavier.  I know without even looking at her that her eyes are closed and her mouth is open.  This would be the perfect opportunity to put her down and do one of the thousand things I have to do, but I usually soak in that sweetness for at least a few minutes.  My favorite is after her 4 am feeding - the world is still so quiet and I literally try to breathe her in.  

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  1. She is precious! You are going to be so thankful you have documented her milestones! Good job, Mommy!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I the other day I opened up her baby book to try to write some of this stuff down, and over and over again I thought, "I wish I could just copy and paste from my blog."


      I hope she appreciates it and doesn't resent me for putting her life on the internet. :)

  2. Rachael With Two A's--

    Just wanted to say that I am now SEVEN WEEKS away from my due date with our Little Miss, and I LOVE your monthly updates because I can start mentally getting ready for HOW FAST she is going to grow once she's here. This 5-month update from Ina is probably 7 months away in our household....7 short months!

    Ina is seriously adorable and I love studying her expressive little face.

    Oh. And the bunny tail. I love that too. <3

    -- Rachel With One A

    1. Seven weeks!!! How exciting! She will be here before you know it! Good luck.

      I love that you signed Rachel with one A - my stinking parents didn't know how to spell. Most of the time I just let people spell it wrong. Ha!

    2. I keep saying, "X number of weeks.....or less!"

      Rachael. Rachel. Rachele. Rachelle. Raschelle. Raychell. I've gotten every spelling there is. Having the barista spell it correctly without asking is like hitting the jackpot, am I right?

  3. She is utterly adorable! I find water makes me calm, too. You are definitely have to get her into swimming lessons early! Have a great weekend.

    1. We are already signed up for swim lessons! Our little fish can't wait. :)


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