Saturday, May 25, 2013

Greetings from Paris

Happy Memorial Weekend.  

We are headed out the door for a camping trip, but I wanted to share the text message my Aunt Charmen (the one who decorated Ina's nursery) sent me last night.

IMG 0720

This was taken in Paris at the Hotel Louvre Cafe.  Fancy, huh?  

She knew I loved food pics, so wanted to share her Pizza and Quiche Lorraine she  and my uncle enjoyed.  I think it was  a great food staging and she could be a food blogger with her excellent photography skills!

We are going to be just as fancy sleeping in our five star tent-suite tonight!  Ha!

We are all ready to go with our camping food

IMG 0717

IMG 0718

our camping clothes

IMG 0721

and such.  

Also wanted to share this picture of Dan "helping" me get Ina ready this morning.

IMG 0715

He is such a help!  Ha!

I hope you have a great holiday!

See you on Monday with a recap of swimming.  Spoiler alert - I didn't drown.  

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